Friday, 20 January 2012

Monkey Business

It's been a busy week here.  We're off to visit my Mum (87) for the weekend, and will see my sister and her family who live round the corner to Mum, and have just finished gifts to take.

I promised a sock monkey to my two nieces and didn't make them in time for Christmas, so will take them tomorrow.

These two sisters couldn't be more different.  One is a real girlie-girl while the other is a tomboy - hence the dancer and the pirate!  I love making sock monkeys as they are all very individual, not to mention cheap to make (£1 each, plus wadding and 2 button eyes).

Anyway, no time to gossip just now - I need to go and throw a few things in a bag to go.

Love for now - have a great weekend, wherever you are xx


  1. Super sweet sock monkeys - love the polka dots!

  2. Those sock monkeys are gorgeous!