Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It's amazing

how time flies without you realising.  A couple of weeks ago I was locking the hens away at 4pm but the days have been getting longer already, and tonight it was 5.15pm before they were ready to retire.

There's nothing earth-shattering been happening in the Teddywares household but I haven't posted much for ages, so here goes.

You'll have to excuse the colours - the flash turns them much lighter than they really are.  I found this dark brown(!) boucle wool in my stash and am just finishing a scarf for myself.  I have several long, v-necked jumpers that I wear with leggings and thought a scarf would keep my neck warm (my office at work gets very cold).

 I am still battling away with my labour of love, a thick jumper for DH.  It's quite quick, being only two rows to the pattern but SO boring!  I've finished the back, and this is the first sleeve, also nearly done.
 To break the monotony, I've been crocheting zillions of teeny tiny flowers (compliments of Lisa at Attic 24)
that are mounted onto hair grips or brooches, to give out from our car boot stall that starts again next month.

DD2 gave me her old mobile phone and, although it's better than my trusty old one, it didn't have a cover.  So, trusty crochet hook to the fore, and -

All this is done while snuggled under a granny blanket in front of the log burner - best investment we've made in the house.  The room isn't that gloomy - I just tried taking it with my finger over the flash!

 However, the moment I stir from the sofa my spot gets invaded!  Cats aren't daft, are they?
I hope you're managing to stay warm, wherever you are.

Love for now xx