Thursday, 29 March 2012

Babies and zombies!

Hi - I went to our local recycling centre.  If you've got one and never been, they can be real Aladdin's caves.  At ours you can fill a shopping trolley for £13.50 but she reckoned mine was only about 1/3 full, so I got everything for £4.50!!

This is what my car boot looked like afterwards -

Don't panic!  Just 4 baby dolls that had been given in by a charity shop who knew they wouldn't be able to sell them.  Ideal for our Mum & Toddler group!

Underneath them is a pile of cream, crepe bandaging.  I did worry for a bit when Stacey asked me to fetch some - she's doing our church hall out like the Garden of Gethsemane, for folks to come in and pray next week (Holy Week, leading up to Easter).  She reassures me it's not going to contain zombies(!) and I'll take pics next week to show you the finished article.  It does sound lovely - we've even got a 6' olive tree arriving from someone's porch!

I decided I needed to get out in the garden straight away this afternoon for my hour, as DH is taking me out for a meal tonight (16 year anniversary tomorrow!)  Anyway, the sun was hot, so I tackled the bed opposite yesterday's one. 

This pic is taken from the little table & seat tucked away in a shady corner, looking down the garden.  The stone bench at the bottom is made from the same stone as the paths (£400 the lot, last year, from a reclamation yard - enough for both paths, pond wall, big patio at the bottom on the other side, and the seat.  Not bad, eh?)  The bench overlooks the pond, where I'm hoping to watch lots of wildlife later in the year.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I've lost all the hardy fuchsias I put in last year.  I did read that, if you put them in deeply, they would survive the winter.  There's no sign of life yet, I'm just hoping it's still too early.  I do need some Spring flowers for next year - bulbs, etc.  Everything looks very bare at the moment.

No eggs today, I'm trying not to panic.  I've got visions of rat raiding parties the minute my back is turned.

Love for now,


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