Thursday, 8 March 2012

Before I start ANYTHING new -

- I must do something about this!

Even Rosie is walking away, disgustedly.   This is the accumulation of needles I've bought/inherited over the years, and just rammed in the pot when not in use, and it can't go on.

So, phase one -


Phase two - fabric from the stash that I'm unlikely to use for anything else (yes, I know it's not ended up quite square!)

I divided it into 12 pockets, with a couple of the very largest sizes sharing one.

That's better!

All ready to sit on a shelf ready for use.  Tomorrow evening I'll make a drawstring bag from the rest of the fabric, to hold the odd things like stitch counters, circular needles, DPNs and crochet hooks.

Another bit of Spring cleaning today - I updated all my favourite blogs.  When I started mine, my main interest was cardmaking.  However, in true flutterby style, I've discovered lots of other great craft and other blogs.  I hope you enjoy sharing them with me.

One self-satisfied flutterby is off to soak in the bath and re-read a Georgette Heyer (started these when I was 15 and can still enjoy them).

Love for now x

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