Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Flower Power

Have you ever grown an amarylis?  I reckon they're amazing!  I'm so convinced that I see it growing that I've put a marker in, to check its daily growth rate.  I know that the bulb is huge, but the energy inside is tremendous.

Off down the garden first thing, to water the seeds I sowed last night.  I hope they don't grow quite as fast as my indoor plant, though!  Probably some sharp frosts still to come before these babies can venture into the great outdoors.

Sweetcorn, Brussel sprouts, squash and courgettes top right, tomatoes top left, and different varieties of dwarf beans on the lower shelf.  I cannibalised the shelving from a mini greenhouse that had seen better days.

There's always an appreciative audience when I go down the end of the garden - they usually get some titbits from me, but you're out of luck this time, ladies - I'll be down again this afternoon.  See how shiny red their combs are now?  When we had them (almost a year ago now) they were very anaemic pink.  What a difference fresh air and sunshine make to all of us!

I picked up these beauties at our local recycling centre last week, for £3 each.  They are shoe box size and beautifully made, originally for artists' paints.  I'm trying to decide how to decorate them for the DDs birthdays - fortunately, I have until January to make up my mind!

When I'm not crafting or daydreaming at the moment, I'm reading this, about Lady Jane Grey.  Boy, am I glad I live in this century, for all its problems!

Chris x

PS After 8 hours the amarylis has grown an inch!

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