Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A good night's work

It's 1.15am and when I've finished this post I'm off to bed.  I was on a roll tonight and potted up the seeds

The top of the chest freezer in the lean-to makes a great potting table, and the light in there means I can work after the sun goes down. 

I did actually go to bed about 10.30pm but lay awake thinking about this

in the craft/computer room and decided to get up and tackle it.  Does anyone else out there do things like this??

After a couple of hours it's whittled down to

Yes, I know it doesn't look much better, but now we have two boxes of patterned fabric, one of plain and two large bags of trimmings, plus a basket of curtain tape, zips, etc.  Now all I need is somewhere to hide it all!

Hidden Treasure -

I don't know how they got there but, amongst it all were 7 cotton dish cloths that I'd knitted but had never found their way into circulation

Plus - the christening cape and dress worn by my DDs 32 and 30 years ago!  The cape was knitted and I made the dress out of my wedding dress.

I'm now off to bed (again), a very happy flutterby. 

Night night, All xx

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