Saturday, 17 March 2012

In the nick of time ...

I just managed to finish DD2s mittens before she and DD1 arrived this afternoon, for a premature Mother's Day visit.

I managed to cannibalize another mitten pattern for the flip tops, and am pleased with the result - more so because DD2 likes them, too.  I wan't sure if she'd be happy with the colour.  I'm now going to start her cowl, using the same wool and the great ripple pattern that Lisa provided over on her Attic 24 blog.  If you thought crochet was boring, and only for grannies, you really need to visit her - beautiful stuff!

Anyway, they've both gone so I'm going to sit with DH, put my feet up with a glass of white, and think about starting the cowl. 

I did take my camera today, to take pics of the bunting and fabric lettering - and the batteries had died!  Oh well, I'll take it again next Sat (with new batteries) and try again.

Love to all for now - enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Chris x

PS Girls, if you're reading this, thanks for the tulips, peace lily, smellie candle, sweeties and cards.  I love you both LOADS xx


  1. Those type of mittens are really handy with the flap, I have a pair myself. You must have knitted them ultra fast to get them finished!

    1. Hi - no, actually I was amazed how quickly they grew. BTW, I love your notebook. I'm helping to organise a lsdies' away weekend, and am thinking of making them some keepsakes like that, that they can decorate themselves.