Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mixed Blessings

I was happy to get the house cleaned through this morning, wash out the fridge and clear the ironing.  The blind man (teehee) came, and I reckon it was £99 well spent -

There was the downstairs front room (craft/computer room)

our bedroom

and the bathroom.  Not bad, eh?  I'm glad I chose pale cream (although it looks white here) as I reckon that would have been too stark.

Then I started DD2s cowl

It looks quite pink here, but is actually pale lilac (like the mittens, previously)

The not so good happening?  The courier arrived with two parcels, probably while I was down with the hens.  They only have an automated answering system so I can only arrange a whole-day slot, not an afternoon when I get home from work.  If they don't catch us in tomorrow, we have to go and collect - an hour or more round trip - grrhh!

Oh well - such is life.

Love for now, Chris

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