Sunday, 25 March 2012

The sap is rising!

It's a sure sign that Spring has sprung when I'm torn between working in the garden or inside.  If I'm not careful, I start to beat myself up over not getting things done, and they cease to be the pleasure they should be.  But how to tackle this perennial problem?

Well, I've decided to spend just an hour outside each day that the weather is fine - after that I'm shattered anyway.  I've managed to put back on 12 lbs of the 1 1/2 stone I lost last year, and feel puffed and lethargic a lot of the time.  Losing it again has got to be a priority - both for my health and emotions.  It's amazing how low it drags my spirits - is anyone out there like me?

Anyway, the sun has been shining all day so this afternoon, I mowed the lawn.  The plan for tomorrow is to dig over one raised bed and sow some vegetable seeds in trays, and pop them on shelving in the greenhouse.

Indoors, I've finished off another dozen flower brooches that we give away on our car boot sale on Sat mornings - in case I've not explained before, I help with a Good News stall at our local market where we give stuff away - Bibles and other literature, get into some great conversations, hear about some really tough life stuff, and pray with and for people.  We started again last week, after the winter, for an 8th year.

Finished brooches, waiting to be put on a card with an encouraging Bible verse.

Then, tonight I came across several fabric teddies, I'd cut out and left in envelopes, along with the Prima pattern (Jan 1994!!) so I'm starting to put them together.

DD2 bought me a Prima recently, and I was so disappointed!  I've got loads of back numbers stored away, and way back when I bought it regularly, it was full of sewing and knitting patterns, and loads of other craft ideas.  Now it seems that you have to send away (and pay for) patterns, and the whole thing just seemed so superficial, somehow.  I hope it's not just my age showing, and I'm becoming a grumpy old woman!
Love for now, Chris x

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  1. I don't think that's grumpy at all - didn't it used to be full of patterns and templates? Another sign of the times. xx

  2. I hate when things change and not always for the better and like you can remember the old style prima with lots of free goodies, the bear is going to be so pretty

  3. Prima was a great magazine and I used to love the patterns they had in the middle. Such a shame to change it, particular as handmade is so popular. Hope you have a good week.

  4. I remember Prima when it first started, always loads of great patterns - it needs to go back to its roots! I also get torn when the weather is nice - I spent an hour and a half today digging and weeding and building raised beds. I now need to do some work tonight to make up for it!

  5. I know the feeling about not knowing whether to do work in or out. I decided on Sunday afternoon to sew some seeds in my greenhouse. Only to go down yesterday and find that mice had cleaned out the lot! Doh!

  6. Great badges - very spring like! I like the idea of putting an hour aside in the garden a day, I think I could do it!
    Jo x

  7. Cute badges. I don't have the same problem re being in the garden but I have the same issues with the weight, I see it as my winter coat which must be shed before summer really kicks in! x

  8. Chris the better weather/approaching summer will hopefully spur you on to lose your wee bit weight you put back on. It is horrible though how it does drag you down. However, once you get back into a good eating routine, more exercise it wont take long and just doing something always makes me feel better. Mich x