Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Fever

Well, I've managed to rein in my flutterby leanings for day one of the new regime.  It's so lovely having the extra hour in the evenings now, isn't it?  I did get out in the garden and turn over a raised bed, ready for some of the veggies that I'm going to sow in trays once this post is finished.

Also, just before dinner, DH offered to help me down from the loft with my fabric stash .  It has been up there for years, being picked over when I was looking for just the right thing, so was in a terrible mess.  We brought down 6 boxes and bags, and I'm sifting and sorting.  Most of it is cotton, so I'm just dividing it into patterned and plain for now - in fact, I might just keep it that way.  We'll see.  In the meantime, it's just lovely to have most of it to hand (I haven't told him how much is still up there - hmm!?)

So, back out into the garden and the seeds and then, when it gets dark, try to clear the remainder of the fabric off the bed.

The cowl is gradually growing, but a long way to go yet -

Bye for now - I will visit all you lovely Handmade Monday people tomorrow (my day off).

Chris x

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  1. Your crochet work is beautiful, I have had two lessons and I really have not got the hang of it at all, the strange thing is I can knit, but I wont give up as I really want to learn... Great news on your fabric stash, will be looking out to see what you create with it, Hugs May x x x