Friday, 30 March 2012

When is a weed not a weed?

I reckon it's when it's pretty and non-threatening.  On that basis, I leave things like forget me nots, poppies and violets to seed themselves around.  It's only thugs like couch grass, dandelions, brambles and the beautiful but deadly bindweed that I dig out.

 Rosie had the right idea, snoozing under the pear tree until I came along to weed around her.

 This was how the next stretch looked once I'd finished.  I hope to get the rest of the bed done over the weekend.
 Meantime, it's not only the weeds that are growing - the pear blossom is popping out from its buds now.
Esther sent me a photo of our godson, Reuben, clutching the ripple blanket I made for him when he arrived.  She said that he will only go to sleep if he can cuddle it.  Thanks again to Lisa (Attic 24 blog) for the pattern. 

Have a great weekend, All xx

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