Friday, 20 April 2012

Flower Power

Remember the little amarylis sprout I showed you a few weeks ago?  Well -
 here's the not-so-little beauty now!!

She measures 24" high from the pot, and 7" across the bloom.  They really are majestic flowers.

 You can see the garden behind, how much rain keeps falling.  We desperately need it in the UK, but I'd rather not have it all at once!  Everything is shooting up now, though - lovely to see all the new growth, when you get a chance to venture outside.

Inside, I've had another foray into the loft, and came across these beauties stashed away from years ago.  This top one reminds me of the styles of Lisa at  and the girls at among others.  This is another 'to do' to stash away for my retirement!  I can't see myself getting round to any of them yet.

Tonight I've made a cheese and onion flan for dinner, to have with salad and new potatoes.  The flan is very substantial, having rolled oats and wholemeal breadcrumbs in, and I think it's the tastiest I've tried.  I was introduced to it by my sister in law, and it comes from this book -

 which they kindly bought me for my birthday.  There are some scrummy meals there.

This one got rather more brown than I'd have liked, compliments of my fan-assisted oven (aka the furnace!)
Luckily I rescued it before it burned, and it still tasted yummy.

Anyway, I need to get some shut-eye now.  I've got to leave the house at 7am (on a Saturday!) to be at DD1s by 8am.  She is treating me to a haircut and blow-dry for my birthday, followed by a shopping expedition with her and DD2, and a girlie lunch out.

I love it when birthdays spread over a long time!  On Wednesday there was a surprise birthday cake at my church housegroup, made by my friend Eve (how does she get her sponges so light?!) then the outing tomorrow, followed by being taken out to dinner next Tuesday by the 3 friends in my prayer group, followed by a party next weekend down with my family in Southend-on-Sea!  When I return to work after my 2 weeks holiday, the girls there are taking me out to lunch.  I wouldn't mind being 60 more often!!

Anyway, night night for now,

Chris x

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