Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Bloomers!

... of the flowering and crochet variety.  DH and I went to a local very reasonable garden centre (few and far between, I think).  Anyway, I got a bit carried away, using the excuse reason of my soon-to-be 60th birthday to splash out (but DH said we needed to invest in the garden anyway) - and this is what we bought -

 From the left, one each of spirea, berberis, philadelphus (mock orange), hypericum, doronicum (the yellow daisy flower), ceanothus, pieris and a buddleia.  Then (sheepishly she admits to)

 spirea no. 2, a tree peony (how could I resist that pink beauty), a different buddleia, euonymus, solanum (to climb the Drumbeg corner pergola), and a choisya.  Then (well, it is nearly my birthday, they will save shopping money)
 there are a black, a red and a white currant, a logan, a tay and a blackberry, and a red, a yellow, and a green gooseberry.  Ironic that, ever since, it has been raining and very cold here - so they're still sitting on the benches.  Hopefully tomorrow (Good Friday) I'll be able to get out and plant them after church.

Meanwhile, inside in the warm (we lit the fire yesterday and today), I've knocked out a couple of crochet brooches for the DDs for Easter (less fattening than chocolate, and last longer!)

Anyway, back to the fire and the crochet for now - I need to crack on with the never-ending cowl.

Love to all,

Chris x

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  1. Your garden is going to be beautiful. I love to shop for plants too, but I'm afraid I'm too neglectful of them once they get planted. Every year I hope for my thumb to turn green, though :)