Sunday, 6 May 2012

Busy Flutterby

It's been a mixed day of busyness, today.  I made the most of the lovely dry weather to cut the lawn and  cropped the last of the purple sprouting (all that the slugs and snails had left, that is) and dug over the bed, ready for some more veggies to go in.

Then I finished off this

 The back is plain, with an envelope opening, with some vintage buttons to finish it off.  It really was very quick to make up.  I should have been a gypsy, as I love castles and roses, and all the bright colours you see on traditional caravans, narrow boats, etc.  If I lived alone, I think I would decorate my home in this style.  However, I think DH might have something to say about that!  It's going to be a new home gift to my brother (the one who carved the hen in the previous post) and his partner, when they move Norfolk way.

 I fell in love with this

over at Sara's Tangled Happy blog

and have started making one.  I was thinking of giving it as a gift to DD2, who loves bags, but I've a sneaky feeling she will have to wait for a second one.

I just realised I haven't yet passed on the versatile blogger award that I received a couple of weeks ago, so here goes. 


It was really hard to choose, as there are so many great sites out there, but my greatest inspiration, currently, probably comes from these guys -

I think I need to stop there, although I'd have liked to put all the blogs listed on mine - and more!  They mostly major on knitting and crochet, but that is because that's where my flutterby travels have taken me at the moment.  Another three months and it might be a different list - there are just too many wonderful blogs out there!  I'm constantly amazed by the generosity of bloggers willing to share patterns and other things they've discovered, as well as the incredible talents, diversity and creativity out there.  Thank you all, ladies - it's a real pleasure and priviledge to be able to visit you and be encouraged and inspired.

One of the conditions of this award is that you share a few things about yourself that don't appear on your blog.  Well, it's not very exciting but here goes -

1.  I was born and raised in the  East End of London
2.  In my teens I had a season ticket for West Ham Football Club
3.  My favourite flower is the freesia
4.  I'm a sudoku addict
5.  I  would love to go up in a hot air balloon
6.  I have two cats called Poppy and Rosie
7.  My DH is a Maths teacher

I'll be card making again this week - the first time in at least a year, as all the kit has been in the loft.  I need to knock out a batch of thank you cards, for all the wonderful pressies I've received, and will put pics up when finished.

Night night, all, for now.

Chris x

PS  I'm posting this on Handmade Monday  Why not mosey over and see what's cooking elsewhere?


  1. Love love love the cushion! I love the squares with the stand out flowers. I must get round to making one of these. Mich x

  2. That's a very pretty cushion. I like the little flowers...perfect!

  3. I love the rose cushion,m so pretty and agree the canal art is so vibrant.

    Snap for a hot air balloon, on my to do before I die list and as for sudoku cannot live without a daily fix.

  4. The cushions are gorgeous - I love bright colours too and could happily live with a mishmash of brights if I lived alone! (although I like white walls as a backdrop to all that colour). Thank you for the award - unfortunately I don't have time to take part in them any more but I really appreciate that you thought about me x

  5. Fabby cushion with a great fastenings... you have a really good eye for colour combinations :)

  6. Really beautiful makes - I do like the cushion with the raised flowers, very pretty. Hope you manage to get your computer sorted out - aren't they just the most annoying things? One of the lovely things about the VBA is you get to know a little about your fellow bloggers (and also discover lots of new blogs). My husband was also born in the East End - he is an E17 lad. Hope you have a good week.

  7. The stand out flowers on your cushion are fabulous.Love the backtoo with the vintage buttons. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. I love the cushion and can quite see why you need to keep the bag - I would too!

  9. Lovely buttons on the back of the cushion!

  10. Hi there,
    What a really beautiful cushion.

    Fleur xx

    ps. I have a lovely giveaway running at the moment you may be interested in, pop over you are always welcome.x