Thursday, 10 May 2012

Quite the saddest day

The church was full, including Anna his wife, and sons Jacob (8 last week) and Cody 16 months.  It must have been a very difficult service to take, but the minister did it sensitively but boldly, facing the questions of why? and hope in the midst of tragedy.  I hope it helped many of the people who would have been struggling with these things, as well as their natural grieving.

Anyway, when I got home and DH had gone back to work, I decided not to sit around but to do something positive, so I started on 15 thank you cards, for my birthday gifts.

I hadn't made any since way back - well over a year ago, so I was quite shaky and hesitant to start with but soon settled into it.  Most of my stash is hand-me-down and so not purpose-bought which sometimes makes matching pieces difficult - how many shades of pink can there be??!!  But I'm pleased with the first few.  To make life as simple as possible, they are all A4 folded into 3.

Right, having made another coffee it's back to the work table.  

See you soon,

Chris x

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  1. Great way to distract yourself, a really tough day. Great job with the cards.