Saturday, 16 June 2012

If at first ...

... try again.  I just don't believe it - I spent 3/4 hour uploading 20 pics and accompanying chatter, pressed to publish and - blink - it had all disappeared!  Hey-ho, in true-blue bulldog spirit and all that - here we go again, but on the laptop now - I've left DH ministering to the mental breakdown on the main PC.

This was the view from my kitchen window this morning, and I thought, despite the rain, that you might like a virtual tour to see how things are progressing.

Before we start, I've just prepared this - grated carrot and potato

to swap for these, from the 3 hens. 

We're still getting 2 per day, which is good going, considering their age and battery background.

These newbies are waiting to go out somewhere - a tray of marigolds from Jim (93!) across the road, plus a dark pink and a light pink cosmos and a pretty nemesia (Sweet Lady) from the Uganda coffee morning last week, at Helen's.  Under the bench is a collection of plastic containers that I chop the bottoms off, and put upside down in the soil next to particularly thirsty plants.  Mind you, at this rate I won't need to this year.This is the view, swivelling round from the bench -

and this is from the other side, behind the trellis.  I've put hooks on the trellis posts, to take the hammock.  So far, all I've been able to do is sit in it once, to try it out!

Oriental poppies are threatening to take over the whole of Worcester at this rate, never mind my garden, and beautiful as they are, need to be evicted before setting seed - I expect there are zillions in there for next year, already.

I love the way small flowers grow super-tall, poking through to reach the sun through the competition.  Elsewhere in the garden cornflowers that were tiny last year are now waist-high.

Sorry for the blurry picture.  Ten years on, this climbing hydrangea now covers the fence inside the trellis pergola-thing, and has plenty of blooms.

Lots of stuff needs thinning out, so I'm hoping the forecast is right today, with some dry weather next week. 

Down at the bottom end of the flower part of the garden, the pond level has gone up and down by several inches a few times in the past couple of weeks.  The planting around it has gone bananas, too.  The blue netting in the background protects the strawberries from the pesky blackbirds who always spot the ripe ones before I do.  Beyond that are the veg beds and the hen house and run.

Right now I'm dreaming of taking up the lawn and developing a wild flower meadow - inspiration from Doreen over at and on last night's Gardeners World, with Kate MacRae at  If you have time, do pop over and visit these two inspirational women.

This week I finished a cushion and blanket for my friend and colleague Ann, who is going through a tough time at the moment.  You can find the pattern over at Apple Blossom Dreams blog, with a Youtube video that even I was able to follow.  It's finished off with a simple scallop, the same as the rose petals.

It's certainly been a strange couple of weeks, weatherwise - we ended up having our Jubilee street party indoors, but it went well, for all that.

In between crocheting sessions, I've been reading this, recommended by another blogger (sorry, forgotten who, now). Very readable - especially at £0.01 + p&p via Amazon!

I don't know of anyone else who could get excited about getting their washing out from the machine!  This cardi had def seen better days, so I decided to felt it and make some baby bootees with the resulting fabric - I'll let you know how it goes.

This last one arrived from Jenny (DD1, left) last week.  It was taken last year, when she and Andy renewed their wedding vows on their 5th anniversary.  The other beauty is Kate, my DD2 - no surprise that I'm such a proud mum in the middle!

Anyway, congratulations if you've managed to stay the course so far!

Love for now, Chris x

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