Sunday, 29 July 2012

Handmade Monday - almost!

Hi - down to earth with a bump! Four loads of washing done and I'm wishing I was still there.  Yes, the more astute of you will realise it's almost the same view each time. I spend much of our two weeks sitting on the bench outside our caravan, just soaking in this amazing view - it continually changes with the tide and sky etc., and I just can't get enough of it. It wouldn't suit everyone - nothing but the lapping of waves and occasional cries of birds and sheep but, for me, someone who is quite driven, it's enforced rest with no guilty conscience about undone tasks, etc. - bliss.

 These next two were taken from nearby cliffs.  

And back at the ranch -

This is the view from our bedroom - the neighbours are very quiet

but sometimes pop by for a visit

on their way down to the beach.

Just to show how near the beach we are, I took this while sitting at the table, inside.

Sorry, I know how boring it is to look at others' holiday pics!

Needless to say, I didn't just sit and soak in the scenery.  I knitted another baby Kina with some lovely soft, fluffy yarn I had in my stash.  It's actually dark blue but my camera is pants.

 I've got some sweet little Scottie dog buttons that will finish it off nicely.

 I also took my Cuttlebug and lots of coloured wool felt and made 55 flower brooches to give the ladies from our church, when we have our weekend away next month.  They just need pins on the back, and mounting on card with a Scripture verse.

I was pleased with the result - made sweeter by the fact that everything came from my stash, so cost virtually nothing.

I'm posting this on Handmade Monday over at so put your feet up with a cuppa and pop over there to see what everyone else is up to.  Me?  I'm off to bring in the washing and get the next lot out!

Love for now, Chris x


  1. Those holiday pics look idyllic and not at all boring. I could happily have sat alongside you all week! The brooches and cardi look fab x

  2. Hmm love the photo's - just wish I had that view.... You have certainly been very busy, great makes :)

  3. Love the views from your caravan. Looks and sounds perfect to me!

  4. My kind of holiday, no stress, crafting just relaxing with the sheep. Love the view

  5. What an amazing spot to stay at. I love being so close to the coast that you can feel that freshness in the air and hear the gulls. I can see a caravan or campervan in my future one day!

    Love the colour of the little cardi/chrug. And taking your cuttlebug camping? CLassic! :)

  6. What an amazing holiday site, I could happily stay there and have a big stash of yarn and knit or crochet the changing scenery! Glad you had a lovely holiday :-)

  7. I think if that was my view i would spend most of the time outside my caravan too :) Lovely cardi!

  8. What a lovely view you had, good for recharging the batteries. The cardi is a lovely colour and I really like
    the buttons. Have a good week.
    Ali x

  9. Hmmm...washing? holiday? washing? holiday? I'm with you!

  10. I love the beach, ours of course is always filled with people and there are no sheep or hills, just sand and did I mention people? :) Yours looked idyllic.
    Love the little knitted baby sweater, and the buttons are awesome! The brooches will be appreciated I'm sure, great job.