Saturday, 13 October 2012

Where to begin?

It's such a long time since I blogged, I've been putting it off as I didn't know where to start.  Life has been a bit of roller coaster since back at the beginning August, with my health suffering and eventually deciding to take early retirement.  It's a great relief, and I'm just beginning to relax into a simpler, slower pace of life, even though it will mean tightening our belts a bit.

 There's a distinct change in the seasons as the days become noticeably shorter, even though we're enjoying more sunshine than we have for a lot of the year.  The garden has been taken over by cheerful michaelmas daisies and hardy fuchsias.  I bought a job lot of the latter last year for only 50p each and, after reading to plant them deeper than you'd think, to resist the frost - it worked.  I don't think I lost any.

I've been quite busy on the craft front, finishing off a sweet tea cosy for my sister in law from one of my four tea cosy books!  It's a bit small on our brown betty, but hopefully she's got a slightly smaller pot. The method in my madness, buying 4 books, was that they'll make great gifts, knocked up from scraps, so save money in the end - that's what I told DH, anyway!!

I hadn't made any cards for ages, and my anxiety problem meant that I was quite shaky putting a couple together this week, but determined not to give in.  So, I did a sympathy card for a friend, and this birthday card for my sis.

I was thrilled last week, to receive a lovely gift - well, 6 actually, like lots of Christmases rolled into one!  My generous friend, Faith, was changing her sitting room, and had had enough of her cottages, so gave them to me, to add to my collection.

Despite the crack down the middle, this is definitely my fave - the colours are so delicate and pretty!  Along with the two teapots, cheese dish and couple of other pieces, they look great along with those I already had.

Anyway, considering I didn't know how to start, this post is longer and easier to write than I'd expected, so it has broken the ice and I hope to be joining you in Blogland much more regularly again.

Love for now,

Chris x


  1. Glad to see you back ...what a great post. I too took early retirement, some years ago glad I did in most ways. Some how the money stretches ....I'm an even better bargain shopper now....but I did get a little lazy when I lost the routine of work. As soon as my foster GSs came to stay perminantly I had a routine again and I'm so much better.
    I love your card ...those butterflies are beautiful.

  2. How nice to see you! congratulations on your realise you'll end up busier than ever! Can't see any signs of shakey anxiety in your cards or crafting...enjoy!