Friday, 21 December 2012

Mrs Santa

The latest Christmas pressie hot off the press. It's the first time I've tried to make fabric balls, and am quite pleased with the result, although the felt circles top and bottom do neaten up a couple of rough joins! The balls are not completely spherical but, as the recipient is only 13 months old, I don't suppose he'll mind.

I've made lots of snowmen over the past couple of weeks, as fun pressies. I'm using some of this year's gifts as prototypes for items to hopefully sell in future. I have to say, making this stuff is great fun. I did a charity shop crawl this morning, and came home with lots of 'potential' - ll I need now is the space to store it all! 

I need to go to bed now as DH and I are going food shopping at silly o'clock tomorrow, followed by going to collect another 4 rescue hens to add to the family.

Night, All xx

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