Thursday, 27 December 2012

Used teabags to the rescue!

Just finished the lampshades - one in the sitting room -

and the other in the guest/craft room -

It can be difficult to have a dual-purpose room but, in a small house like ours (two bedrooms), the second has to accommodate both guests (bed settee) and my cardmaking (sewing and other crafts in a downstairs room).

It's taken a very long time but I finally got round to sorting all the papercrafting stuff and putting it away, ready for DD2 and now my lovely niece to stay over the holidays. I thought I'd better take some pic's to prove it can look good - although one of my new year resolutions is to keep it this way - so much easier if you can tidy away as you go, despite my flutterby tendencies.

The room is too blue, and I have some lovely beige and white wallpaper waiting to go up in the Spring - hold me to that, please, folks!

Bye for now xx

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