Thursday, 17 January 2013

Birthdays and Stash Busting

Well, I didn't manage to finish DD2's pressie in time - but I can give it to her on Sunday, when we go out to lunch, to celebrate both girls' birthdays.

One problem with making things up as you go along is that it's a case of trial and error, and I forget to allow for that.  I started out crocheting 4 rounds around each square but realised a) I might not have enough wool to do that as well as put an edge around the whole thing, and b) it certainly wouldn't be finished in time.  So, the squares now have one round of crochet added via blanket stitch, and the whole throw is edged with 4 rounds of crochet.

DD2 likes the idea of handmade things, but is very minimalist (compared to me!!) and doesn't like multi-colours or the 'rustic' look.  I hope that making it monochrome, and the same colour as her sofa, will appeal.  The throw is quite heavy, as the squares are upholstery fabric, and two thicknesses, and will be very cosy to snuggle under. 

I'm now playing with ideas for a couple of cushions for DD1's birthday on Sunday.  Their sitting room is cream, with alcoves painted raspberry.  I don't have any raspberry fabric, so I thought that a couple of patchwork cushions in purple and burgundy velvet might do the trick.  Watch this space!

The great thing is that everything in these pressies is from my stash, so they haven't cost anything but time and love.

There's so much satisfaction in living a frugal lifestyle - not being mean and penny pinching, but making the most of using what we have.  Today for lunch I heated some curried veggie soup I made and froze last week, from some leftovers. Now I'm making a flan for dinner, using cheese and bacon pieces - yummy!


  1. It's beautiful I'm sure she will love it :)

  2. That looks so hard to make! It is a very special gift.

  3. What a wonderful idea - I love the combination of textured squares and the holey crochet rounds add an extra dimension. I'm a multi-coloured girl at heart but the single colour really enhances all those pretty patterns.
    Great gift - one to cherish!