Saturday, 12 January 2013

Blog Spring Cleaning and Stash Busting

Have your tastes and interests evolved during your blog life? I wouldn't say mine have changed, but they've grown as I've discovered more of what's out there, and more about myself.

I started this blog as a vehicle for entering cardmaking competitions but these days, I make relatively few cards, and spend most of my indoor crafting time going between knitting, sewing, and crochet projects. It was only while going through the blogs I follow, yesterday, that I realised how much things have changed. I haven't looked at many card blogs for ages, but now find my inspiration from those in my side bar. So, I've whittled down the number I followed previously - it's not that they're not great, or anything - just that I've moved on and out from where I was then - another symptom of my flutterby personality, I suppose. I expect if you looked here again in another couple of years, things will have moved on again.

Another new, major source of inspiration for me is Pinterest, and I have to be careful not to while away too many hours, amazed at the truly wonderful stuff out there.

I came across this, this morning

and signed up. I hope it will give me the kick I need, to keep on the straight and narrow, using up everything I have already, before buying new. If you want to clear your decks of stash, the link is in my side bar. I know you'll be very welcome.

Happy Spring cleaning! x


  1. I some how feel guilty that I have changed interest when I first started my main blog was Scrapping and the odd card. I now knit a little and, at the moment rarely craft. I do love, still, dropping by those who are inspired and inspiring matter what the craft.
    I also love to visit those blogs whose writings introduce me to their lives and loves ...and animals....and food ...maybe change is fine ....maybe its fine to put some crafts into storage ...after all knitting was not touched by me for 30 years. Take Care Happy New Year xx

    1. Hi Angie - I know what you mean about feeling guilty - I hope people don't take it personally when I cease being a follower. However, I know that I'd rather have people who are still interested in what I get up to, rather than staying on the list for no reason.

      The problem is - there is just too much darn good stuff going on out there!

      Happy crafting and 2013 x

  2. We do change with the seasons of our lives, don't we? Or we become stagnant. No good in that! ;) Good luck with your stash busting! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Welcome to the challenge, I'm looking forward to seeing your projects :)