Thursday, 31 January 2013

Past my 'sell by'?

Never! Retirement has just given me some time and space to do what I want - well, within reason and price!

Today I'm off to Summer Wine (the title will only make sense to UK TV watchers) where some female friends of a certain age meet each month to have fun! Today we're all taking an ingredient for soup which Margarete will make while we're there (I hope we don't all take the same - my contribution is home-made chicken stock) and we'll plan the next few adventures while starting a scrapbook of last year's events. 

2012 saw them kite-flying on the Malverns, having afternoon tea on another hillside (complete with kettle and camping stove, vintage cups and saucers, and scones with cream!) and trying out the new gym equipment in the local park.

I think I'll fit right in with this lot!!

Have a great day, all!

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