Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WOYWW Light at the end of the tunnel

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle. The PC/sewing room was total chaos and, because there was nowhere else to store stuff during work, it's taking longer and is more laborious than I'd have liked.

However, the hall and landing are now finished, and there are now shelves and a curtain - this means there are no piles of shoes as you come through the front door, and the gas meter is neatly hidden but accessible.

Sorting through my stash brought lost goodies to light - I've already mentioned the sizeable pile of vintage Laura Ashley patchwork squares, but there was also my collection of shells, which now look good on the dining table - much better than hidden away in a box.

Back to the WIP - and a quick tour round the room.

The room needed to be up and running asap as I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms while it's been out of action! It needs decorating, but I'm going to do that a bit at a time - not ideal but I don't have the energy I used to have and as I said, there's nowhere to clear the room to, so it needs to happen around the contents.

Just behind the door, I've sectioned off a bit for the PC. I mainly use the laptop but the big one is handy. The partition is DH's two bookcases.

All the brown furniture will eventually be shabby-chic'd (sc) and I'll wallpaper the bookcase backs.  This is the other side of the cases, topped with stuff that DH needs to sort at the weekend!  The table is for him, to work at, marking students' work (he teaches Maths). I don't think I can sc this, because of the formica top (unless you have any ideas?) but I'll throw a cloth over it.

In the bay window, I've squeezed my little armchair - great for hand sewing - and work box (to be sc'd), then a tv table to be sc'd

Opposite the door - my bookcases (waiting to be de-cluttered and mostly used for stash), with my work table in front.

In the corner, boxes of fabric and other stash. This will change as there's a blanket box coming at the weekend, but I don't yet know how much it will hold.

Back round towards the door, the carcass of the cupboard I took out - waiting to be chopped for firewood, and piles of shared books for sorting - more weekend jobs for DH -

Oh yes - he needs to check any board games he wants to keep, before I give them away!

I'm hoping to squeeze in a bed settee on the wall opposite the window, but am not sure how much space there will be yet.  I'll let you know!

The carpet is tatty, with a piece missing under the window (previously had a window seat) but I can't afford to change it, so I'm going to spot-clean it this week, and look out for a rug (car boot/charity shop) to go over it.

I'm posting this over at WOYWW with Julia - so when you have a mo, pop over and visit the other blogs there.



  1. Great space, hope it all goes well. Good luck finishing the room off too. Helen, 9

  2. all good things come to those that wait and I am sure the wait is worth it.
    Ria #44

  3. Lots of great potential in your space!!! Keep at it and you'll soon be finished!!!

    Jeannie #12

  4. You've come so far already and still you have huge plans..I love the idea f the separated computer area and the allpaper for the shelving backs..genius. Bet you enjoy every moment of this project and all the sc-ing!

  5. Love the board game stash! Looks like mine. I need to regain that space also!

    Thank you for your kind visit....I realized my 191 post did not is there now!
    Hugs Robin #110

  6. First time here. Love the name of your blog. Thanks for the tour and I love the idea to wallpaper the backs of the bookcases. Very smart.

  7. Looks great, you'll be busy painting, it will be an inspiring place when you're all done - Jen.

  8. Is that room a Tardis. Because you seem to have more furniture than should rightly fit in to the space. I'm seriously impressed by your organising talents!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  9. Time will tell I'm sure. You will get there. Well done you for the work and organising you've done so far.
    Sorry I'm so late calling round this week....twinnie time had to come first :-)
    A x #62

  10. Hullo there Chris ah smiled as you chatted your way around your space.. and I smilingly agreed with you - and yes new carpet need it here and continually told..maybe one day, but not now, happy sorting! so much to do!
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #40

  11. Good luck with finishing off your sorting out and tidying round. We had a major clear out a couple of years ago when the loft had to be emptied. Both children came to help, and anything that was theirs was then their choice whether they kept it themselves or it went into the bin. The vast majority was disposed of - we do keep so much "Stuff" throughout our lives. xx Maggie #11

  12. Looks like great progress is being made. April #101