Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lots of fun today

without any crafting, but first I'll show you the hand warmers I finished and gave to my sis in law -

They seem to work well, heated in the microwave for one minute. I filled them with rice.

We made good use of our National Trust membership and the gorgeous weather today, by visiting Croome Park, near Pershore, Worcs.

No, it wasn't cold - as demonstrated by DH sitting on the bench outside - but the lion(?) under wraps is probably a WIP, like so much of the house.

It was the home of George, 6th Earl of Coventry

a chap who was worth the equivalent of £28million today, so didn't have to worry about hiring 'Capability' Brown to design the park - the first project Brown completed from scratch.  It is a glorious place - so tranquil, and the house is stunning, especially in the lovely warm, morning sun.

This little chap was very friendly, and not at all afraid

It was lovely to be greeted by a real fire in the entrance hall - The Earl commissioned Robert Adam to design the fireplaces etc.

The doors are all very detailed, and made from hard woods from all over the globe.

This is the tea room, with another fantastic Adam fireplace and beautiful ceiling and chandelier - not to mention one of the best carrot cakes I've tasted!

Outside, the panorama is like this in every direction.

The 'home shrubbery' was apparently a favourite walk of the 6th Earl, where the trees have amazing trunks, and snowdrops spring up everywhere just now.

 The shrubbery leads to The Rotunda, which was used for banquets and parties.

The inside is as detailed as the main building, and magnificently intricate.

Leading back to the house is a large urn, built to commemorate the visit of King George III to the Park. The red house behind is privately owned - lucky person!

And back round to the front of the house.

This 'river' took 12 years to dig by hand, and imitates the shape of the River Severn.

The church - and two houses - originally in front of the main house, were moved by Brown - the church to the top of the hill, and the houses to elsewhere on the estate, so as not to impede the view!

 It is now out of commission for services but still consecrated, and is a wonderfully peaceful place

Like the house, the woodwork is amazing, as you can see by the pulpit and baptismal font.

Well, you're probably suffering from cultural indigestion after all that, so I'll stop and say goodnight. Back to crafting in the next post. Hugs for now, Chris xx


  1. I love the hand warmer idea. I have some friends that could use some of those; it's a wonderful gift!

    When you mention shrubbery I can only thing of one thing...Monty Python. ;-)

  2. I think the hand warmers are a great idea - love the crochet too! Thanks for sharing your photos - looks a wonderful place to visit. We have always been members of National Trust (miss it over here); it's a place we must visit when we get back to the UK!

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. I had a GREAT time! Also, I love the hand warmer idea. It's also the perfect size to go right at the base of my neck where it seems to hurt after I crochet for HOURS! ;-)