Thursday, 14 March 2013

More Flutterby Musings

I suppose it's good that we're all so different. DH asked what my plan was for the day, and his face was a picture when he learned that, after pruning the pear tree, I was going to 'sides to middle' a couple of sheets and make pockets for 3 cardi's of Mum's (who won't wear them if there's nowhere to keep her hanky - no, before you ask, she doesn't like to keep them up her sleeve).

Anyway, back to DH - "For goodness sake, just put them all in a charity shop and buy new ones. There are probably loads of people out there, crying out for sheets with seams across the middle, and pocketless cardigans!" Men, I ask you?! (Or is is just me, I wonder?!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Chris, that is so funny! Charity, ha! Men :-)

    I love your new toy - wish I could sew. Have fun with it!