Thursday, 4 April 2013

Doodle Debut

For the past month or so I've been admiring art journal blogs, and they've whetted my appetite to have a go (typical flutterby tendency!)  I'm a reasonable copier of ideas, whatever the craft, but am certainly not creative as such. 

I bought this book to try my hand

I was amazed at how daunting a blank piece of paper was, and just couldn't bring myself to spoil an A4 sheet.  Brainwave!  Doh!!  Why not start with a smaller piece?  I have a little handbag notebook (slightly smaller than A5) and

inspired by this page

decided to have a go.  In January, at housegroup, we'd been encouraged to ask God for a word for the new year, and 'peace' popped into my mind.

So -

I began lightly pencilling filling the page.  Knowing I could erase stuff, and once the paper was no longer 'perfect', it wasn't so scary and I started to enjoy it.  I then went over, embellishing with my little set of gel pens (Note to self - make sure ink is dry before leaning on it!!)

I'm quite pleased with it, and might even take it out and stick it in a plastic clip-frame as a memento of my first attempt at another new craft.

It's certainly very relaxing and therapeutic, so I reckon I'll be doodling again.  In fact, images of an actual journal are starting to form ...

Bye for now, and have a great day.  If it stays dry, I must get out for some work in the garden.

Chris xx


  1. ah well done chrysalis great effort yes blank paper is daunting always do rough sketches several time before leaping on, for big work have my steps on blog but for your sort of work it is fun..
    .. and re the query you left on my blog the date of eye surgery is 22 April a Monday, thank you - all prayer is gratefully received..

    .. and re the tomato puree we may do so, but tend to use tin if need it or do it myself which so often too.
    If in tube here is sure to be where I dont look am not a browser when shopping, dreadful huh! except of course if it is craft.
    God bless Shaz.x

  2. Great work Chrysalis! I am soooo happy that you are having a go at art journaling...I don't think that you will regret it!! Thank you for your very lovely comments when you popped by my blog the other day :-). With art journaling the one thing I LOVE is that it doesn't have to be perfect in any way, and mistakes are just creative explosions that turn into something better lol! It's the freedom that I enjoy and that I just have fun with that is my encouragement to you.....have fun and just follow your feelings. I look forward to following your journey.
    Janene x

  3. It's funny isn't it just how daunting a blank sheet of paper can be, if you know you have to create something on it...but how easy it is to fill one if you're doodling without thinking about it!
    Love the 'peace' piece by the way.
    Em xxx

  4. Your page of text is a great start.Why not get some pens, and do some black and white work?If you go to a Zentangle site, you'll see challenges ("I am the diva's" site), and that way you'll learn something new to do and practise each week.
    Thanks for your kind comment.

  5. Great news for you and your Mom, too! Thank you for your kindness! Hugs, kath