Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WOYWW - where's it gone?

I'm not quite sure what's happened to last week. I certainly don't have an awful lot to show for it.

On the indoor crafty front, I've been doing some more stash-busting by crocheting some cotton dishcloths. I do love using these.

In the garden, the year is racing ahead too, with everything filling out, and big and bushy (including the weeds).

The cardoon at the front of this pic is threatening to take over the bed. I do love the enormous dark purple thistle-type flowers that pop up, but it's going to have to go to a new home at the end of this season, to make room for everything else. The solanum is starting to cover the trellis nicely, though.

I'm so glad there's more yellow and pink popping up now, to balance the purple everywhere.  Can anyone remind me of the name of this beauty below, please? It's such a vibrant orange/yellow - love it!! Just thought, looking at the leaves - is it a buddleia? I thought they were just shades of purple, with cone shaped flowers?

The pond area is filling out well, with more welcome colours. 

Indoors, I've been spending loads of time on Pinterest, and am finding it really helpful in collecting ideas for the downstairs shower & loo for Mum, storing bedroom wallpaper samples for her to look at, etc. I love it, but, at the same time, it's very time wasting consuming.

Hope your week is going well, and see you all over at WOYWW with Julia -

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

WOYWW - At Last

... I've managed to put pen to paper (or whatever the computer-speak equivalent of that is!!)

Sorry to have been MIA for two months now, but life has been a bit of a roller coaster.  You might remember my Mum (88) from recent posts.  Well, the long and the short of it is that she has come to live with us.  As you can imagine, that means quite a life change for all of us.  DH has been a star - he is lovely with Mum, and said at the weekend that he really enjoys having her here - such a joy (not to mention relief!) to hear that, as you can imagine.

Anyway, Mum has been here for just over a month, and we're busy planning yet another house re-shuffle, as we try to squeeze in a downstairs shower/loo and bedroom for her.  At the moment, she can still manage the stairs but we need to look at her future needs so watch this space for progress.

So far, we've decorated her current bedroom, which will revert to the guest room when she migrates downstairs.  At long last, the paper bought over six months ago got pasted up.

It was only about £4 per roll from H-base, and I'm really pleased with it.  Although the pattern is quite busy, it's light, fresh and modern, and the colour is subtle so doesn't make the room seem small, but restful for a bedroom.

The toile de jouy-style bedding is lovely (and uber-cheap!) from Ik--, and you might recognise the little table I 'shabby chic'd' a few months ago - just right for by the bed.

The en suite shower room has been painted Caramel Cream, a good, warm tone, again from H-base, and I put the same border in here and the bedroom, to bring them together.

At the mo, there is a little desk in the bedroom, and I eventually plan to 'shabby chic' that and the mirror standing on top.

The chest of drawers peeping in on the right will go downstairs in Mum's new room, along with her bed and wardrobe from her own house, to help her feel more at home.

Although Mum is great, and not at all demanding, she is very frail, and used to a more regular lifestyle than our flutterby habits.  This means that I'm having to craft in short bursts rather than losing myself in it, as before.  With all that, and trying to keep on top of things in the garden, there's not much to show for my indoor crafting efforts, but here are the latest.

I've been experimenting with a yarn busting idea for a log cabin-type crochet cushion but I'm not keen on the colours so it's been sitting in the basket for quite a while now - not sure if I want to bother finishing it.

I patched and re-lined another hessian farm shop bag, having done a similar one a few months ago.  These are too sturdy to waste, but the hessian develops holes and the plastic lining breaks down.  To be fair, I have had them for several years now so they don't owe me anything, but in true frugalistic fashion, I can't bear to just throw them away.

The lining is old upholstery fabric from my stash.

Finally, here are some pics to show the latest state of play outside -

 Please ignore the couch grass that keeps muscling in on the action!

 Looking at these pics, I've realised how much purple there is - must introduce more colour for next year.

 My new alliums - I'd like more, and perhaps putting a clump of shorter chives in front would look good.

 I just love the colour of these poppies.

'Drumbeg* corner', a six foot square pergola, is filling out nicely now, with the solanum reaching the top of the trellis, and the two clematis underneath, one early and one late flowering, settling in after planting a couple of months ago.

The hook on the post is for the hammock that hangs diagonally across the pergola for use during those hot summer afternoons I'm hoping for!!

(* So called, after the tiny village craft/tea shop we always went to, when on holiday in the far north west of Scotland, which has the most fabulous fairy-type hidden garden. My version just has a tiny table and 2 chairs, or the above-mentioned hammock!)

At the far end of the lawn, the pond area is also filling out nicely, with Flossie just peeking out.  The pond houses lots of water boatmen, and dragon flies, and the birds - and foxes - come and drink here.  A friend has offered me some newts, and I'm hoping that frogs will find their way here, or that I can get some from another friend.

Fortunately, there is a splash of yellow down at this end, with the day lilies - maybe I'll be able to split and spread them around for next year.

Between the pond and the veggie end, strawberries and gooseberries are fattening up nicely in the front bed, with white, red and blackcurrant bushes on the step up behind.

Then the veggies - they look a bit sparse in this pic, but the first bed is full of spuds which have been earthed up once, but probably need doing again.

The next one has the runners - planted in a straight row this year - not sure if this arrangement will stand up to any strong winds, but we'll see.  Tucked in behind them are the broad beans.

The third bed has squashes and courgettes.

And finally, the end bed has onions, garlic and brussel sprouts.

Right at the top of this area, our 4 hens make short work of the weeds I dig up.

Phew! That was a lengthy one - it will teach me to wait so long before posting!

I'm putting this up over at chez Dunnit, for WOYWW - - so when you've time, make a cuppa, put your feet up and mosey on over to Julia's place to see what everyone else has been up to.

Bye for now, Chris xx