Wednesday, 21 August 2013


It seems forever since I wrote here, or even managed to do anything I would think of as crafty.  However, life has been going on apace since Mum came to live with us.

This week saw the start of building work, to halve my current kitchen to squeeze in a downstairs shower and loo for her, which has affected the whole of the ground floor.

This first pic shows my temporary kitchen in the sitting room, and the second, the rest of the room, with the furniture piled high.  This was before the kitchen ceiling and wall started to come down, hence the doors were still open.  I quickly learned to shut them!!

This is how the kitchen looks at the mo, but it should improve today, once the rest of the demolition is complete, and I can start clearing up. Fortunately, I can still climb over the rubble to use the sink and the cooker.

Mum, Mr Flutterby and I will be going out for lunch today, to get away from the noise and dirt. After that, I'll retreat to the garden to weed the veggies, while Mum has a rest.

Although this might all sound very negative, I'm delighted with how it's going - the new kitchen diner will be lovely and big, with the sitting room forming an L-shape off that.

Hope to see you all over at Julia's, and apologies in advance that I probably won't be able to visit more than a couple of you this week, in the circ's.  Love to all, though, Chris xx