Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Catch Up

I always make room for the tree, but our house is too small for many other decorations. I suddenly thought that one way of making it more festive was to make seasonal cushion covers - voila, instant cheer!

I've had some Christmas fabric for twenty several years, and the tree one for about ten, and decided it was about time they were used. There are now three of each design, which can be removed after twelfth night, reverting to the Cath K type fabric underneath.

 Rosie insisted in muscling in on the act, for this one

In the garden, the weather has been fab today, after the strong winds earlier in the week. You would think it was summer, if the sun were higher

and a couple of blue tits have been showing a keen interest in the birdhouse, and look like they might be making an offer on it soon.

I hope you're all enjoying a good post-Christmas rest. xx


  1. Lovely cushions, I've had items in my stash for *cough* years too!

  2. What a good idea! I've had a bit of IKEA Christmas fabric that I didn't do anything with for about the 4th year running. Next year will be its year!