Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Finally There

Hi - we've finally come to the end of four months' building work, thank goodness. I want Christmas to be memorable for all the right reasons, so am not trying do all the usual stuff, just relax and enjoy. What isn't made or bought by now, we can live without.

DD1 and her hubby are coming for a meal this evening, and DD2 will arrive later today, stopping until Boxing Day. We have a simple family meal tonight - Mr Flutterby will prepare hot pork rolls for everyone - lovely, with stuffing and apple sauce - then I'll take Mum to her Midnight Mass (sensibly timed at 9pm!) Tomorrow I'll do the turkey dinner with all the trimmings, watch the Queen at 3pm and the rest of the day, we'll put our feet up, determined to make it stress-free.

There's lot to show you, after what has been a long break, so I'll post bite-size pieces with pics, starting after Christmas Day. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas and happy new year. xx

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