Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Bit of This, A Little of That WOYWW

Not a lot to show at the moment, but plans hatching in my little grey cells for things to come.  I've got two of these lovely boxes I picked up a year ago (cough) from our recycling centre, thinking they'd make great jewelry boxes. So far, I've tried to decoupage over the stamp, using paper napkin offcuts as I did here 

It hasn't worked this time, because you could see the writing through the tissue when it was dry. Back to the drawing board with this one. Once my crafting stuff is altogether (again) when Mum moves into her new bedroom, I'll be able to look for a suitable paper. It's sooooo frustrating living with my hoard spread between several places - grr!

Anyway, enough whining - I'm playing in my head with several ideas for the rest of the box(es). At the moment, I'm thinking of covering the insides with a black silky fabric, lined with batting, and am puzzling the best way to tackle it - watch this space. The little compartments will be ideal for trinkets and other goodies,

and there's a great little bottom drawer with a long section that would be great to hold rings.

Before Christmas I picked up two sets of three red, plastic frames from  the pound shop. I'm toning them down to a bright pink, with torn tissue paper (several layers to go on this one yet) and will seal them with watered down PVA, giving them a nice, but not glare-y, shine. I'll show you the finished results.

I've started a long-term project, sorting Mum's photo's. I think she's forgotten we brought them here when she came to live, and I plan to make them into (probably) about 10 albums, and give them to her as a surprise, for her 90th birthday, in August. It's quite a task because it has to be done on the dining table, when she's not around.

Other than that, I'm still battling with knitting a jumper for DH, which is taking forever, partly because it's so big but, really that, in true flutterby fashion, I'm just bored with it!

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Have a great week. xx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

More Haste, Less Speed!

Whoops, posted the last two out of order! Sorry for confusion x

... During ...

... but, in practice, we then lived like this

 for four months, while the builder (with occasional help from a friend) did the work. There were days I thought it would never end, and quite a few tears were shed. I have to say that, during it all, Mum and DH were fantastic, just making the best of things, with us all sitting with elbows almost touching, in a 12'x12' room, watching Mum's TV choice.

Temp sitting room, including all my craft stuff, PC station, etc, etc ...

... After

So finally, in December, I was able to put up the tree and we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday, with most of the work done, and not a builder in sight.

I even enjoy washing up now, with my new sink

The washing machine had come in from the cold, outside, lean-to shed - no more frozen pipes in winter!

We chose a touch-control hob - so easy to clean, with no knobs!

The shades came from Dunelm, and the builder made the shelf for my pots and pans

He also routed MDF to look like tongue and groove panelling, with Grandad's retirement clock in pride of place

and a shelf above holds my cottage collection

I made a chandelier/hang-y type thing for over the dining table, to match the new gypsy chandelier in the sitting area. My gypsy chandelier is totally wacky and OTT but I love it - makes me smile every time I look at it. Fortunately, Mr Flutterby approves, too!

I also spray-painted the two, old wall lights. Maybe I'll get round to replacing the odd bulb, too!! LOL


The builder moved out, the floors were laid and the walls painted, just in time for the Christmas tree and decorations to go up

and this is what the whole thing now looks like -

The table under the shelf is temp, until we put up a fold-down worktop, giving more floor space when not in use.

The shelf trim is a piece of lace I pinned on, and covered the pins with pearl buttons, blu-tac'd on

I shabby-chic'd this box last year, and am delighted how well it fits in (holds some of fabric stash)

You can see my taste hasn't changed much - made 20 yrs ago, before I was married!

I love this fabric from Dunelm (only £8.99pm!) which is a good, heavy cotton (Note Poppy's tail, below!)
The aim of the exercise was to provide Mum with a shower and loo downstairs, and this is how it ended up

It's turned out even better than I'd hoped, with lots of room for me to be in there, helping her shower, etc., and the new hard flooring here and throughout the downstairs mean that she can walk safely - I can go out and leave her with a peaceful mind and, if ever she needed her wheelchair indoors, that should work, too.

The next (and last phase) is to change the front room into her bedroom, and the plasterer will be here next month, to start that.

Anyway, you're probably heartily sick of this makeover (if you even managed to read this far LOL!!) so I'll sign off and leave you in peace. Have a great week. xx

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Before ...

Some of you know my Mum (90 this year) came to live with us last May. It brought quite a lot of change for all of us, not least the work we had to do on the house. We needed to give Mum a downstairs loo and shower, as well as a ground floor bedsitter for when the stairs become a problem. We only have a small semi-detached house (originally two double bedrooms and a small single - now two double en suites), which meant a lot of planning needed.

So, we decided to split the long galley style kitchen

The view from the hall

View from the conservatory into the kitchen
into two. The front end (from the window) would become the new kitchen, while the back would become a wet room.

Work would include taking down the wall separating the kitchen and conservatory, and replacing the flat, kitchen roof and see-through conservatory one, with one high, sloping roof with two skylights.

The doors between the conservatory and sitting room, in the pic above were to go as well, to give a large L-shaped kitchen diner with sitting area.

It seemed straightforward in theory ...

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hanging without the heartache - WOYWW

... pictures, that is!!

I had four pretty nautical prints of Tenby that I wanted to put in Mum's shower room

but the frames were dated and a bit naff.

I gave them a first coat of white emulsion and, when dry, a second coat of 'soft stone' by Dulux. It took just one match pot - £1!! Then, to protect the finish, a coat of PVA adhesive and water (3:1)

The aim was to put them together, two above the others - but then slept on the problem of positioning them correctly. The one thing I didn't want was to sit on the loo looking at them out of line!  Brainwave - I cut four pieces of paper to size, numbering them and the pictures so they went up in the right order, and marked an X through the paper where the hanger should be.

Then I moved the papers around the wall (blu-tak) until happy. I wanted them central, but needed to avoid the light pull and making too many holes in the newly plastered wall!

After nailing the pins in and removing the papers, the pics went up

and I'm quite happy with the result (if you don't look too closely!)

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Have a great week, wherever you are. Lots of love xx

Saturday, 4 January 2014

First Handmade Monday of 2014

Thankful for a dry, warm home on this rather bleak day, when so many don't have one, and it's been lovely, celebrating a quiet weekend before Mr Flutterby goes back to school tomorrow. 

It always looks a bit bare when the dec's come down, so it's good to have a pointsettia to brighten things up. 

I'm hanging on to the tree until tonight, as I love the twinkly lights. We're hosting a first, weekly open house for our neighbours tonight and there's a lovely smell of banana loaf in the oven. I just hope some peeps come, so we aren't tempted to eat it all! 

The Christmassy cushion covers will stay on until put into the washing machine tomorrow, and going away til next Christmas. 

I'll post some more after shots of the house, now the work is done, later in the week. In the meantime, I'm dreaming of the finishing touches - soft furnishings and the like - that I hope to get made soon.

Love for now - posting here so, why not popv over to see what everyone else has been up to