Monday, 31 March 2014

WOYWW 252 - Where's the week gone?!

I only blinked and another week's passed, and another sad one, too. We said goodbye to Ann, a leader of our church and former colleague from my days in the church office, before I retired. She had battled valiantly against cancer for two years, and was finally called home on Friday. My heart goes out to Graham, her two girls, and her Mum.

This lovely pic was taken at their daughter Beckie's wedding two years ago. A difficult Mother's Day for them all, this year.

I managed to make Mum's pressie for Mother's Day without her noticing. A couple of years ago I made Frank for her. Here he is, with his brother Sam (I can't believe I'm sad enough to write all this!!)

Anyway, meet Grace -

Yes, I know she doesn't have a face yet, but my embroidery threads are lost in the piles of craft stuff waiting to be unpacked onto new shelves in the craft/spare room once Mum moves downstairs to her new room.

Frank seems quite smitten

and doesn't seem to mind that he can't stare into her eyes yet!

Having got that project out of the way, I've started on a cushion for DD1. She saw a picture on the net, and asked if I could make one like it (sorry, I don't know who to credit for it - I only saw a pic of the finished item).

Watch this space.

I don't care if you need a new ball of wool - I'm not budging!

Anyway, DH is out for a curry with the lads, Mum is settled to watch Murder She Wrote, Rosie has found another bed than my wool basket

And me? I'm going to crack open the Mother's Day Baileys, put my feet up and carry on with a little hookie.

Have a good week, see you over at Julia's  xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

WOYWW - A mixed bag ...

... of sad and happy this week. We had to say goodbye to Poppy, our tiny 17 year old, senile cat. She had been going downhill for a long while but, on Saturday, she couldn't stand properly, and we decided that she'd had enough. We are very blessed in having a friend who is a vet, and he came over and agreed with us. It was lovely, as he injected her while she was resting on my lap, and she just slipped away while we chatted. 

Anyway, I needed something to take my mind off all that, so I started a cot quilt I've been meaning to make since a friend's baby was born three months ago (doesn't tempus fugit?!) Well, better late than never, I finished it today. I've never done one before (hence the delay) but was pleased with how easy it was.

I used scraps from my stash, so the only cost was the wadding. I've had most of the fabric for years - the flowery, blue triangle at the bottom was left from my DD1's baby dress - 34 years ago!!

I've been told you shouldn't use a quilt these days, until the baby is a year old (makes sense, really) so I added a little friend using the border fabric, for her to play with in the meantime.

The pattern for this came from this blog  Thanks, Suse!

I've been finishing off some tiny prem baby knitting, to pass on, via Shelley. It's handy that Shelley lives just a few miles from me, so I can drop them off, rather than posting.

The first couple of piles are for babies who sadly don't make it - dresses with bonnets, and sleeping bags.

And, finally some tiny hats for little ones who are fighting back.

One thing I love is that I can pray for each of the families, as I'm knitting. 

Hope your week is going well, and that you find time to pop over to Julia's, to see what crafty stuff is happening elsewhere. Happy WOYWW! xx

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Another One Ticked Off

I was uber glad to get to the end of this project.

I bought this yarn in Lidl, back in October, and rashly told Mr Flutterby that I'd make it as his Christmas pressie - just neglected to say which Christmas!! Finally finished it today and, thank goodness, it fits. One problem was that knitting for man mountain (6'2" and 25 stone) takes forever, and the second is that stocking stitch is sooo boring.  Anyway, the start of Spring and it's done - and he's very pleased, too.

The weather here is incredibly changeable at the mo - glorious warm, sunny days for the past week - so I 've spent time in the garden, and can report that the veggie seeds are all sown in pots, in the greenhouse, the grass is cut, and the front and back gardens are looking respectable and ready for the new season. I had wanted to get out again today, but it has been cold, wet and windy (hence finishing the woollie pullie).

We've been enjoying new dishes from the Hairy Bikers' Diet Book, and can thoroughly recommend them - especially this new favourite - not only is it delicious, but it's quick and easy to make, too - what more could you ask for?

I'm going to bed tonight, dreaming of what project to embark on next. I'm hoping to dust off the sewing machine tomorrow, and start a girl friend for Frank (on the left) that I made for Mum a couple of years ago.

Her name is Grace and she will be Mum's surprise Mother's Day pressie. I'm also starting a patchwork cot quilt for a friend.

Thanks for visiting, and see you around. Love for now xx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Feeling My Age - WOYWW

I don't have the energy I used to have, and that, combined with looking after Mum (90) decided me to pay someone to wallpaper her new bedroom last Friday. All fine and dandy, until he rang the night before, to say he'd injured his back, but the new carpet's due to arrive and be fitted this Friday. I wasn't able to get anyone else at such short notice, so I spent yesterday and today doing it myself.

I love the paper Mum chose, and it was lovely to put up - tough but flexible, and with a very short pattern match, which meant little wastage. I'm glad she didn't choose anything too bedroom-y as it's a sitting room for her, as well as for sleeping.

This was the status quo yesterday lunchtime, and I finished it this afternoon. Now I just have to put the border around (pics when finished).

Having been without a craft room for far too long, I've been having withdrawal symptoms and got the trusty machine out last week. I did this needlework donkeys' years ago a while ago, but couldn't decide how to finish it off. Having had a quote of £35 to put in a box frame, I made a cushion with it (£0!! - much more my price!) It will look good on the bed in what will be the guest/craft room, once Mum moves downstairs.

In the absence of a cushion pad, I cut down an old pillow by sewing two seams across and cutting between, to stop feathers flying everywhere.

It has a pillow case opening, finished with three buttons.

Making the most of the wonderful weather we've been enjoying the past few days, I splashed out on new veggie seeds that will go into pots in the greenhouse, later this week.

All this excitement proved too much for my two old ladies, and I thought of taking bets on who would fall off the perch first. Fortunately, they both woke before any accidents happened.

I hope you're having a good week, and look forward to seeing you over at Julia's here. Meantime, I'm off to run a bath to deal with the aching back! Love to all xx