Sunday, 20 April 2014

Home Made Easter Gifts

I hope you're enjoying a great Easter break.

I finished the cushion for DD1 and gave it to her for Easter, for her bedroom - less fattening than a choccie egg, and hopefully longer lasting!

DD2 made gifts for us all, for Easter. She wrapped embroidery threads (soaked in sugar water) around balloons, having put tiny choc eggs in the balloons first.  

Then she popped them on nests of pink cellophane, with more eggs and goodies, and tied up the whole thing in clear cellophane and ribbon. They were so effective - love 'em!!

I'll save the thread eggs to use as decorations, next year. In the meantime, I'm posting this over at Handmade Harbour - pop over to see what else has been happening in craft land.

Easter blessings, Chris xx


  1. You know what, I wouldn't have thought of putting black and grey together for a cushion. Now I've changed my mind, yours is great especially with that hint of colour on the one square. Your dd is very clever, craftiness all around!

  2. Love the Easter gifts. I watched them do something similar on Blue Peter, though yours look much better.

  3. Love the cushion the red square really makes it pop. So much nicer than a chocolate egg I think.

  4. Gorgeous makes, I love the colours on the cushion.

  5. I really wanted to have a go at the thread eggs this year but ran out of time. They look great don't they. Your cushions are nice, I wouldn't have thought of the colours but they look chic.

  6. The cushion is a lovely idea.I love making eggs within eggs, yours are so colourful :)

    Jan x

  7. love the cushion - various shades of grey plus white and black made it so attractive and elegant :) im not sure i would include a red flower in it though ;P

    i smiled at the sight of the thread easter eggs - we made these with kids at school this year but they didnt work at all. basically an overly keen lady who suggested making them is no crafter at all (and doesnt read instructions at all!) as we had to make them using a bulky yarn (!!!) and a pva glue smeared all over the balloon. they were actually horrible ha ha ha im still smiling at the sight of ithem. when i suggested using a thin thread and soaking it in glue, they wouldnt listen. ha! cant believe some people are so full of themselves LOL anyway, yours look so nice, light and delicate. i even fancy making my own :)