Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW Part 2

Now winging their way, with love ...

Chris xx

Have a great WOYWW Birthday

... and many happy returns!

I haven't got much to show today, as I don't want to spoil the surprise for the people I've sent ATCs to. Getting them done took me to the wire - parcelled up just before bed last night. I can show them tucked up in their 'loo roll inside' wallets,before parcelling. I'm now just waiting for the post office to open.

Instead, I nipped out between the showers, to take some pics of a very wet garden. The slugs, snails and weeds love it! Sorry about the shaky first pic.

This buddleia is a real magnet for bees - it's covered with them, all busy-ing away.

I've just been given 15 newts for the pond - I hope they adapt to their new home.

The couch grass is very happy squeezing in with the geraniums - I'll dig it out at the end of the summer - promise (cough cough)

Well, that's all for now, folks - join me visiting Julia and the other WOYWW blogs on the 5th anniversary of this lovely weekly event (just click button on my side-bar, to find out more). I've laid off the knitting for a while, in the hope that the trapped nerve in my neck eases (this is the fourth time it's happened, each time leaving me with less feeling in my fingers - not good news for crafting - drat!)

Have a great week, Chris xx

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

T is for Tuesday

Whoops - got ahead of myself there, and posted WOYWW too early!!

Back to today -

I reckon there's no better way of enjoying tea than in a delicate china cup. The white set on my shelves came from my Auntie, when she died a couple of years ago. I don't use them though, as they are too precious, to me. The pretty green one in the centre came from my DD2 for Mother's Day last year. The Cath K mug on the top shelf was a pressie when the kitchen was done, and the tall one next to it was a gift for Mum, but she's not too keen on it (good for me!!) I backed the shelving unit with stripey wallpaper when I re-vamped it, as the white china wouldn't show in front of the white walls. BTW - the shelving unit started out in life as the top of my old dressing table, and I'm really pleased with it now, on the sitting room wall.

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday. Chris xx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

WOYWW 259 - Ever Closer!

I'm seriously thinking of removing the Christmas Countdown at the top of my blog. What with that, and WOYWW Week 260 racing towards us, I feel my life is just running away!

Lots of 'busy' on the crafty front

Reuben is happy with his new waistcoat, although his Mum couldn't get him to do it up! I worried it was a bit too small, but she assures me it's fine and will send a pic with it buttoned, and him in his bow tie, too - can't wait!

I've now started a short sleeved cardi for his big sister, Maisie (4). It's not very clear, but there are pink/blue mice on the fronts, so I hope she'll like it.

I'm very pleased with the results of the £1.50 lamp makeover at the weekend. 

This is how it looked before.

And this is it afterwards.


It was dead easy 

1. Sprayed it all white with Rustoleum paint for all surfaces - brill stuff, so easy to apply

2. A coat of pink paint from a tester pot

3. Cut motifs from paper napkin. Remove backing layer(s). Brush PVA onto lamp (do not glue motifs - tissue tears too easily). Position motifs and allow to dry.

4. Paint whole lamp with PVA (dries clear with slight sheen) to seal paint and motifs.

5. Turn on lamp and enjoy!

I use this technique for most of my upcycling now - quick, easy and effective - what more could you ask for?!

I didn't intend making another new shade, but the cream one clashed horribly with the pink, so I made a tube of fabric and threaded elastic at the top and bottom, for easy removal and washing.

Now, I need to get back to ATC making - see you over at Julia's for a virtual cuppa. Wondering what I'm talking about? Just click on the WOYWW button on my side bar.

Have a great week, all xx

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Handmade Monday Busy-ness

A lovely weekend here, inside and out. The weather is glorious, and it's great to be able to leave the doors and windows open.

DH tried out our new pressure washer on the shed for me, so I can paint it if the weather holds. We're very impressed with the washer - well worth the cost. I'll wash the old hen house inside and out, too, and paint it with a view to turning it into a bolt hole summer house at the top of the garden, for me.

Potential Summer House and fruit cage
Indoors, I've been re-vamping a sad lamp, and am very happy with the result - especially as it only cost £1.50! 


 I've also started a short sleeved cardi for Maisie, a little friend. It doesn't show clearly here, but there are sweet, pink and blue mice on the fronts.

Dashing this off, to catch Handmade Monday - see you over there.

I hope the sun is shining today for you, too. Love, Chris xx

Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday Smiles

My reason for smiling this morning has got to be - being able to throw open the garden doors at 7am, letting in birdsong and the warm sunshine. After a cuppa, I dashed out to capture these, to share these with you

Notice I haven't taken any of the couch grass and dandelions, or the grass cuttings waiting patiently for me to rake them up! 

See you over here, for more Friday Smiles.

Have a lovely day - and weekend - keep smiling - and count your blessings. xx

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

WOYWW 258 - ATCs and More Stashbusting

If any of you have an ATC to spare, and would like to swap with me, just email me at with your postal address, and I will reply with mine, so we can send them off. This is the first time I've joined in a swap, and am very excited (sad, eh?!?! LOL). If the response is more than I could cope with, I'll reply to emails straight away, to say so and save you unnecessary trouble/postage. I hope that's ok.

In the meantime, I've been stashbusting in lots of ways -

I re-made this lampshade a couple of years ago, because the original didn't give out much light, with the then-new energy saving bulbs. Recently, I'd decided to give the very dated base the shabby treatment.

So - I sprayed it matt white. I'm pleased with the result, but can't decide whether I want to leave it alone, paint it (pastel colour) and/or decoupage it. What do you reckon?

This is the glory hole desk this evening. The plastic wallets (back left) are the sorted photo's that I'm putting into albums (prob 8-10 of them) for Mum's 90th birthday in August. The rest of the clutter is because I've got several WIPs on the go (typical flutterby situation). They include

birthday cards, so I can keep a handy supply

'thinking of you' cards for the prayer group at church to send, as an encouragement to anyone who needs it

and ATCs for the swap, which I can't show yet.

I'm trying to use stash I've inherited, as well as bought, for all the above, so I find it takes much longer to do than with purpose-bought, matching materials.

More stashbusting - I finished the little waistcoat tonight for our 2yr old godson. I'm pleased that I finally used the yarn I bought about 20 years ago, for a cardi for me!! Even the buttons came from Auntie's inherited button tin. It doesn't show clearly here, but the dark green yarn has red and yellow fibres in it.

Last but not least, look at the fab birdhouse I received yesterday from the lovely Cindy, from her April art draw. How pretty is that?! It will take pride of place on the craft room wall. Thank you so much, Cindy, for your generosity.

Hope to see you over at Julia's for the Wednesday bash. Click the WOYWW button on my side bar for a magic carpet ride there.

Have a great week, everyone, and I'll try to visit all the WOYWW desks tomorrow/Thursday.

Chris xx

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Handmade Monday

Been enjoying myself, this weekend, getting back into card making. I'd really lost my nerve, after more than a year's absence. It's starting to get a bit easier - and quicker - though I'm still too heavy-handed with the pens. I should have used water-colour pencils on this.

I've also been working on some ATCs for the WOYWW swap in a couple of weeks. I find these even more nerve-racking than cards to do, as they're to swap with peeps who really know their stuff. No, I know I shouldn't worry about that ... it's the thought that counts ... etc, etc ... doesn't stop me fretting, though LOL!

On the knitting front, I misread the pattern, and made the waistcoat fronts too short, and had to un-sew, unpick from the armholes up, and re-do. Thank goodness it's for a 2 year old and not DH! It's almost finished, and I'll post a pic next week.

Hope to see you all over at Handmade Monday. Have a great week.

Love for now, Chris x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


A couple of things from last week's WOYWW

- sorry for misleading some of you last week. I didn't think about it until I started reading comments - the glamorous, dreadlocked lady wasn't me but Anne Lamott, whose great quote I'd put above the pic. Me? I'm more a cross between Judy Dench (hair) and Princess Fiona, for the rest of me (but not quite as green!) 

I had to laugh - the new liberated me decided to take a selfie to show you, but my arms are too short!! All I could get was a view up my nose, undergirded by many more double chins than I'm sure I've got. How do people manage to get decent ones? Anyway, I'll wait til I'm feeling brave again, and someone sympathetic(like DD2) is around, to take one for me.

 - a few people asked what courgettes are, that I grow in the veg beds. You might be more familiar with their Italian name, zucchini.

A quiet week on the crafting front, because this weekend was a long Bank Holiday one, and Monday was DH's birthday. I had foolishly hoped to get all the crafting stuff from the loft with DD2, and put it all away neatly by now - HAHAHA!!! We stopped after retrieving most of the card making stash, which is almost tidied. 

I just managed to find enough wherewithal to knock up a hasty card for DH. The combination of not having everything to hand, and a distinct lack of confidence (no card making for over a year now!) meant I'm not overjoyed with the result, but he was happy, so that's good.

The PC printer isn't working yet, so I had to resort to handwriting the inside. I searched for a suitable but not slushy message, and was happy with this one I found on Pinterest.

I've almost finished the little waistcoat (just the border and buttons to attach) so will put that here, next week. 

Any crafting this week will hopefully happen in the garden. I'm currently waging a one-woman war against the entire slug & snail population of the UK, which have migrated to my garden.

Pop over to Auntie Julia, to see what else is happening in Blogland today, won't you?

Love for now, Chris xx

Friday, 2 May 2014

Wk 67 - This Week's Smiles meets Stash Busting

Hi All - first time joining in the party, as I don't usually have suitable pics to share at the right time.

This week, I gave Eden the cot quilt and cuddly I'd made for her.

Isn't she a sweetie? Showing off, rolling over, on my sitting room floor yesterday

and last night her Mum put the quilt under, as she's too young for one yet, but the cuddly proved a great hit.

Photo: Chris Porter Eden loves her noob and quilt. We've put her to sleep on it until she's big enough to go under it and her 'noob' (Maisie named it cos it looks like an N!) she's cuddled all day. Thank you so very much, we love them and was so great to see you today.

I'm posting this over here at A Stitch in Time so, when you have time, pop over for some more reasons to smile this weekend.

I'm also putting it on over at Linda's Stash Busting Party, so mosey on over and take a peek there, too. All the fabrics used above came out of my stash, collected over the years.  In fact, if you look at the first pic, the blue floral triangle was left over from a baby dress for DD1 - and she's now 34!!

Chris xx