Sunday, 11 May 2014

Handmade Monday

Been enjoying myself, this weekend, getting back into card making. I'd really lost my nerve, after more than a year's absence. It's starting to get a bit easier - and quicker - though I'm still too heavy-handed with the pens. I should have used water-colour pencils on this.

I've also been working on some ATCs for the WOYWW swap in a couple of weeks. I find these even more nerve-racking than cards to do, as they're to swap with peeps who really know their stuff. No, I know I shouldn't worry about that ... it's the thought that counts ... etc, etc ... doesn't stop me fretting, though LOL!

On the knitting front, I misread the pattern, and made the waistcoat fronts too short, and had to un-sew, unpick from the armholes up, and re-do. Thank goodness it's for a 2 year old and not DH! It's almost finished, and I'll post a pic next week.

Hope to see you all over at Handmade Monday. Have a great week.

Love for now, Chris x


  1. I like the pen effect. Watercolour could have made this card look a bit washed out. x

  2. I think your card looks lovely and very unique. Handmade cards are so much more personal. Oh I was glad to read the waistcoat was for a 2 year old. I am a slow knitter, if it was me I may have created a new fashion with short waistcoat fronts. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  3. I think your card is stunning, you should have more confidence in yourself.

  4. Glad to hear I'm not the only one fretting while I work lol. The card looks lovely. Hope you like it and that you aren't (like me) your own harshest critic ;)
    Looking forward to seeing the little waistcoat
    Mecki x

  5. Hi, found you blog when you rreplied to one of my baby blanket posts. I like you card very much. Also to answer you question about baby blanket sizes, my regular baby blankets are about 30 to 32 inches square and the preemie sizes are about 20 inches square or 16 x 20 inches depending on the pattern.