Friday, 2 May 2014

Wk 67 - This Week's Smiles meets Stash Busting

Hi All - first time joining in the party, as I don't usually have suitable pics to share at the right time.

This week, I gave Eden the cot quilt and cuddly I'd made for her.

Isn't she a sweetie? Showing off, rolling over, on my sitting room floor yesterday

and last night her Mum put the quilt under, as she's too young for one yet, but the cuddly proved a great hit.

Photo: Chris Porter Eden loves her noob and quilt. We've put her to sleep on it until she's big enough to go under it and her 'noob' (Maisie named it cos it looks like an N!) she's cuddled all day. Thank you so very much, we love them and was so great to see you today.

I'm posting this over here at A Stitch in Time so, when you have time, pop over for some more reasons to smile this weekend.

I'm also putting it on over at Linda's Stash Busting Party, so mosey on over and take a peek there, too. All the fabrics used above came out of my stash, collected over the years.  In fact, if you look at the first pic, the blue floral triangle was left over from a baby dress for DD1 - and she's now 34!!

Chris xx


  1. Good to see you joining in the fun Chris....and what fab pics you're joining in with too :-)
    Annie x

  2. Your quilt is lovely and so is Eden. Such a cutie!
    Have a great w/end
    Jo x

  3. Stash busting is perfect for these smaller projects. Not that the quilt was a SMALL project, just used small scraps (grin). And this little one is truly a doll. What a perfect name for a real beauty. Hope your Friday was all smiles and giggles.

  4. What a cute little one! Your quilt and softie are really lovely. x Jo

  5. What a cutie and I love the cuddly you made. Thanks for the smiles. Caro x (#12)

  6. Yes she is a cutie. I am sure she will love her colourful quilt for a long time. Kate x

  7. perfect gifts for such a cutie

  8. What a gorgeous little girl. The quilt will become an heirloom and she will treasure it as she gets older. Love the little dolly you made with the same material.

  9. Hello Chris such a beautiful little girl. Love the quilt and toy you made as well. Thank for the link to the table I asked about. Very useful. Anne x

  10. Love your quilt and toy and what a beauty your granddaughter is too!