Sunday, 8 June 2014

Handmade Monday

Lots of bits and pieces on the crafty front at the mo -

DD2 came to lunch today and kindly brought a dress for me to take the sleeves out of, as they're a bit tight. I hope it works as the dress is new and I don't want to bodge it up.

I've just had to make a couple more ATCs for WOYWW, as I'd received one I wasn't expecting. 

Then, I've started mulling over Mum's 90th birthday pressie, a series of albums of all her old photo's. This is the first group, showing the town she lived in for 40 years (Southend on Sea, Essex). The top one shows Dad down on the beach with my DD2 and nephew, nearly 30 years ago. This is going to be a much bigger project than I first thought, so not sure how it's going to pan out. I bought three ready-made albums, but want to make one-off ones, but there are so many pic's - any ideas? If you've ever attempted a project like this, I'd be very grateful for links to your stuff, please.

The last pic is a 'doh' moment

I had to unpick this, down to the mousey chins, as I'd sneaked in an extra row, giving the little one elephant ears. THEN, I knitted the second front, only to realise at the top of the mice, that I'd knitted the same front twice! Grr! Now half way up, having done it right now (I hope!)

Catch you all over at Handmade Harbour, to see what you've been up to. If you don't know about this, click here and pop over to share the fun.

Love, Chris xx


  1. Love your card designs and the knitting project. I'm excited to see the finished mice when you complete it. Have a wonderful week.

  2. The cards are lovely, but I am perplexed. What is a DD2, ATC, and WOYWW. Probably obvious but I can't work it out.

  3. What a fabulous project for your mum's birthday. I grew up in Southend too and am moving back there soon. Love your ATCs too.

  4. Lovely idea for a keepsake for your mum's birthday, but if it seems overwhelming you could put her pics onto a digital photo frame instead for her? Another thing I did for my mum was to make a windows movie out of old family pictures and set it to music for us to watch at the party! 9

  5. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that makes mistakes :)

    I love photo albums, I like to see them a bit like scrap books, with a bit of info about the picture. It's a lovely way to catalogue family memories. :)

    Jan x

  6. Many times I've had to undo my knitting....I feel your pain! The photo scrap book is a lovely idea.

  7. The photo albums are a lovely idea. My family did one for my 30th and wrote silly captions on all of them. It was great!

  8. If you have pages left over you could add some poems or sayings that remind you of your mum? Sound like you have had a busy week. Good luck with the dress, I'm sure it will be totally fab!! Xxx