Tuesday, 3 June 2014

T is for Tuesday

Hi All - spending my cuppa time this afternoon taking up two pairs of trousers Mum bought at M&S this morning. Luckily DH had three hours free and helped me take her (with wheelchair) for a successful trip.

I've just finished doing them, and have now unpicked the mice (see last post) down to chins, as DH pointed out that wee mousie's ear was as big as his head, as I'd put in an extra row or two! Hey-ho - he now looks more normal.

Some members of the household have had a lazier day - though I wouldn't have thought a peg bag made the most comfortable of cushions!

Hope your Tuesday is going well, and will see you over there.

Have a lovely week, Chris xx


  1. Did you steal Bleubeard? Did he go to live with you? Did he color his face white to camouflage himself? (JOKE). Thanks for sharing, because Bleubeard is loving that you featured a friend for T this Tuesday!

  2. So cute!! Funny how they will sleep just about anywhere even if it doesn't look cozy to us.
    Happy T Day!

  3. p.s. the countdown to Christmas almost made me fall over, lol.

  4. awe- a sleeping kitty is always sweet. Nice that you could help your Mom out with the shopping and tailoring. Happy T day!

  5. sweet photo of your kitty...it's interesting the size and variety of little cubby holes that they can fit in, and seem to enjoy it too! happy T day!

  6. How nice you could help your mother out
    that is one very relaxed kitty kat sleeping on the bumpy clothes pin bag LOL
    Hope you had a happy T day

  7. I love that photo. Cats find the funniest places to sleep. Enjoy your tea today!

  8. Cats are just too funny, they always find the most comfortable place to sleep.

    Hugs Diane

  9. Glad you got your mom's pants hemmed and hubby helped with a successful trip out. Wheelchairs are a bit to deal with, that's for sure.
    Hard and lumpy? Karma would be all over that, too. LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Cats love to curl up and apparently it doesn't matter where :)
    The knitting is so cute with your mice.
    Happy Tuesday :)

  11. Such a pretty kitty!
    Happy Tuesday!

  12. LOL! What a cute cat, looks very comfortable too.
    Happy T-day

  13. Cats do love to sleep in the most amazing places, don't they?

  14. Ah, that is so like a cat ... give him the most comfortable of beds and he will still seek out the strangest place to sleep. Elizabeth xx