Wednesday, 11 June 2014


A mixed bag so far, this week. I managed to remove the dress sleeves for DD2 - easier than I thought, but just don't look too closely at the stitching on the inside!

Then, I've been playing with layouts for the photo albums for Mum's 90th birthday pressie. I was glad I'd saved these two books from going to the charity shop, when she moved here. It goes against the grain for me to chop books up, but they're making great page backgrounds.

These look very muddle-y right now, but I've laid them out and just keep jiggling them around. I'm making the pages by cutting 'hinges' with my Cuttlebug, putting them on A4 card, and then covering with background paper, then cuttings and photos. There will be several albums made this way, and then some ordinary ones I bought, for the rest.

The pages above are of Southend, where Mum and Dad lived for 40 years, and I'm just finishing a couple showing Dad's childhood and National Service in the RAF. I'll post more next week, plus my finished collection of ATCs, with thanks to all the lovely senders.

Talking of ATCs - Cindy (Cashplant) - please email me your postal address, as I have a little ATC package waiting to wing its way to you.

The craft room looks like an explosion in a photo lab, with piles of the things everywhere, as I try to sort them into some sort of order. DH reckons I'm barmy, and should just shove them in albums anyhow, but I suppose that's why he teaches Maths and I craft!

The mousey cardigan? Don't ask - the less said, the better! I hope to show you a pic of the £*%!! thing next week.

See you over here at Julia's, for WOYWW. If you want to know more, click the button on my side bar - you'll be hooked!!


  1. Good morning, Chris. Well done on the dress sleeves. Tricky things, alterations, aren't they? Good job done! Just peeped below to the mousey cardigan - golly - you have had problems! Hope it works out in the end. I've just had a day when every single stitch I put into the wedding dress has had to come out and be re-done! Yes, I think I know how you are feeling!
    The books for your mum's birthday is a lovely idea. Well done - you'll get there.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret (no number yet)

  2. ah Chris, can see you are having fun with those layouts and yes was like you about cutting up books but have done it now great items to share!
    happy WOYWW love Shaz in Oz.x no number yet.

  3. sounds like you are busy with all those projects. I love that nostolgic papers from the books. Just wondering around checking out who's doing what till Julia gets her post up. Have a great week. Vickie aka Okienurse

  4. What a lovely gift this will personal. Love it.
    Annie x

  5. Ooh, well done for taking the sleeves out of that dress. I've done that, it's harder than it seems. I remember lots of hand stitching to reattach the mining to the outer fabric!
    You may want to revisit my blog to see why there's no WOYWW,
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  6. Hi Chris, you have been a busy girl, better go over to jan, she looks as though she knows what's going on. I was getting worried about Julia.
    Happy crafting, Angela @ Felix the Crafty Cat

  7. That album for your mum's 90th looks wonderful. My Gran turns 90 this year as well. Happy WOYWW. Caro x

  8. Your album will be wonderful!! Such a special gift for your mum.Well done with the sleeves - I hate doing stuff like that :-) Am visiting some desks even though I know there' no WOYWW - poor Julia. Anne x

  9. Hi Chris, love what you are doing with the vintage images. They are going to look great!

  10. Great job on the dress! And your album is coming along nicely. A handcrafted gift is always wonderful specially from family so I'm sure your Mum will love it.
    Happy WOYWW even wih no linky!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS