Wednesday, 25 June 2014


A late-night, last minute post, otherwise this will be the second week in a row that's passed me by - sigh!

Having hit my all-time heavy recently, I've started going to W**ght-W****ers with three friends. It's much easier to follow than when I went years ago, and I've been trying recipes like the one below, to satisfy my very sweet tooth. It looks weird but tastes scrummy - a sugar-free jelly dissolved in the boiling water, but made up with 1/2pt low fat, natural yogurt, and topped with strawberries. I'll let you know how I get on (but only if I shed lots of weight!!)

Sewing this week has been all about repairs - trousers for DH

and a pretty Monsoon dress for a 5-year old. A friend asked if I could help, so -

It is absolutely gorgeous, but very delicate, thin cotton, and she'd managed to make a 2" tear above one panel (of 8)

Fortunately, I had a tiddly bit of pink lace that matched the panel perfectly and, since it was the centre one that was torn, I got away with one applique rose. I mended the tear by putting iron-on facing at the back (the cotton was really too fine to sew together, and it doesn't show from the front). Then I backed the lace with more facing and hand sewed around, to prevent it fraying (I hope!), cut it out and then hand sewed it to cover the tear (just big enough - phew!!) At least she'll be able to wear it again.

On the knitting front, the mousey cardi is almost finished (just knitting the endless borders and putting it all together)

Then, I was given some lovely turquoise and black mohair, and have started a scarf for DD1, as part of her  Christmas present. It has a pretty, lace-y border added at the end - I'll put the pattern link on, when I remember where to find it - cough

Today, I was given this lovely old clock - filthy (I've cleaned the glass so you can see its face) and not working, but I hope to get it sorted. Tomorrow I'll tackle the brass rim around the glass, and start to sand down the wood

The side view shows how tatty the case is, and how deep the whole clock is. I hope we can get that big bell working! 

Anyway, it's now way past my bedtime and I promised DH to start going to bed earlier - oh well, there's always tomorrow. Talking of tomorrow (Wednesday), see you over at Julia's for WOYWW. Wondering what I'm talking about? Click the button on my side bar, to find out more.

Love for now, Chris xx


  1. Well done with the repairs, Chris. That little dress looks great with its rose addition! Nearly done the cardigan - it's looking great. As for that clock - it's fantastic. Hope you get it all cleaned and working - including that fabulous bell!
    Margaret #20

  2. The jelly certainly looks strange, I hope it tastes better than it looks lol
    Bridget #35

  3. Wow. What a wonderfully productive time you've had. I'm impressed!
    Clever job on the repairs. Very nicely done.
    Hope you have a lovely week.
    Gillian #66

  4. That dress looks so adorable! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

  5. OH that dress is gorgeous, well done for giving it a second life, would've been a shame if it couldn't be worn again.
    And the mousey cardi is beautiful, someone is going to be very pleased to get that.
    Good luck with WW, I should be going too, but life is just too busy.
    Bless you
    Chris #25

  6. Hi, you've been busy Chris. Your desert reminded me of something I used to make when I was dieting, I cooked rhubarb until soft and whisked it with fat free yogurt and then mixed in sugar free disolved jelly and allowed to set. It's a bit like a milk jelly but very low in calories, lovely.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #43

  7. Hi Chris,
    Congratulations on tackling all those repairs! That's something I will put off for as long as possible :)
    RosA # 2

  8. HI Chris, sorry I'm so late getting round desks this've been so busy, but well done and getting everything done...loving the look of the mousey card! Hugs Carole Z #32

  9. My goodness Chris, you're busy! Love all the stuff you have on the go - that clock is a wonderful will be fab. As for the diet..yep, I'm back on track after all that's been going on since the WOYWW all time heavy was 18 months ago and slow but sure I've lost over 4stone..and if I can do it...!

  10. Such a pretty dress - and a fabulous repair to it. Looking forward to seeing the mousey cardi when it's finished. I hope you're well on the way to restoring the clock!