Friday, 29 August 2014

Mum at 90

Hi - this is primarily an update for friends and family, wanting to catch up on Mum's 90th birthday yesterday - but everyone is welcome for a look-see!

Other than going out to dinner, everything was a surprise for Mum. I was tempted to poke her awake at 7am, but she had a leisurely start to the day at 8.15am. There were a couple of helium balloons by her chair, and several cards to open before breakfast.

Mum is Catholic and, when living in her own home, used to walk to Mass several times a week. These days, I usually take her on Thursday mornings and Saturday evenings. Yesterday, we took a large cake to give everyone there a slice to take home. I was very glad we had, as they sang 'happy birthday' at the end of the service, and when she sat in the porch and people took their cake, everyone hugged her and/or wished her many happy returns, and she was given two lovely bouquets and several cards.

We returned home in time for her coffee and a piece of the cake. Then we spent the rest of the morning looking at her gift from us. When she first came to live with us (18 months ago, now) we brought her photo collection, in a couple of biscuit tins and carrier bags, and I said she and I would get around to sorting them. But I did them as a surprise, putting them in 8 albums. Hopefully, she will enjoy spending time looking through them.

This is the one of Dad's family, with a couple of cute shots of him!

During the day I was kept busy answering the phone, and door for deliveries and post. There was a lovely basket arrangement of flowers from Angela and Julian,

a box set of The Two Ronnies DVDs from Mike and Janet, and loads of cards. Richard and Val are going to give her a new handbag - once she can decide on what she wants!

After lunch, Mum had her usual nap, and was ready to go out for dinner, booked for 6pm at The March Hare, where they do a good carvery which Mum enjoys. Mum, KP and I were joined by Jenny and Kate, and we took a friend, Pam, whom Mum gets on well with.

Mum and Kate

She then had a stephanotis from Jen, for her room, and new slippers,

a Morecombe and Wise DVD, sweets and smellies from Kate, and an orchid from Pam.

Mum really enjoyed her night on the tiles!

Afterwards, everyone came back to ours, for coffee and yet more cake!

Mum and Jen
Many happy returns, Mum xx

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  1. Many Happy Returns for your Mum!! Lovely celebration.
    My mum is 90 in June.