Wednesday, 6 August 2014


- all the W's this week. I won't go to my WW meeting til after this post, so not sure how I've done, although I have been good. After 3 weeks I'm hoping to reach my first stone - we'll see. I started wearing a pedometer and realised how little I walk.  For my weight/height, it recommends 4000 steps per day and I wasn't doing a fraction of that. So - now doing that 3-4 times per week, on top of my normal daily stuff, and after a fortnight I'm starting to notice the difference - a little less like a lobster when I get home!!

I'm still stripping down the clock. The side panels had this ancient paper stuck on, so I've soaked it off and will varnish the whole of the outside once it's clean.

Not sure what to do about the innards - I had a telephone quote of £230, so long as it was straightforward (aargghhhhhh!!!!!!) so I might attempt to clean it up myself (without removing parts) and see what happens. DH still reckons I'm cracked, but I just want to give it some TLC.

Meantime, Rosie continues to find interesting places to snooze. 

I had to wake her from here, as it was a long way to fall!!

On the crafting front, the cardi is finished (thank goodness) and will go to it's new home today.

I've started using some more of the mohair to make another scarf as a Christmas gift. I do like this pattern - it's simple and very quick.

Sorry - all that was cheating, as I wrote it two weeks ago, before setting out for Scotland on holiday. I just haven't got back into the swing of things since returning at the weekend. Most of the washing is done, and Mum is back safe and sound after her adventures staying with my brother for the fortnight.

My back is against the wall, trying to complete 10 strips of bunting to go to a Ugandan orphanage next week, for fabric painting by the kids with a team from my church.

I always take a project (or three) on holiday, and this year I started a hexie quilt for DD2's Christmas present. It's only costing time, as the fabrics are from my stash. I'll just have to buy a background one to link them all together.

Please excuse the abrupt end to this post - otherwise I'll miss yet another week of WOYWW (click button on the side bar to go visit Julia to see what I'm waffling about).

I will get my act together this week, and be ready for next Wednesday - promise.

Love to you all, and I'll leave you with my idea of a drink by the pool (taken from the bench outside the caravan we stay in - my fave part of the world - after home, that is!)


  1. Great post, even if some of it was a while ago - love the pic of your cat asleep on the fridge (or is it freezer) LOL. Helen 2

  2. ah well done on puss reckon it was warmth that was hunting after .. wow, that clock will be great .. keep it up, Chrysalis... will come good in the end.. Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #10

  3. Great post, Chris, with lots and lots to read and see. I enjoyed myself, especially that cool drink at the end!! And that sweet cardi with the little mice is so adorable!! Happy WOYWW and have have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #18

  4. Love the 2 part post .... That's what happens sometimes and I think your drink by the pool looks much more interesting than the usual one. Good luck with the quilt you are going to have to go some to get it finished I bet. Have a productive week.
    Janet @4

  5. You were busy. Hope the bunting gets finished in time and please show pictures after its painted.
    Enjoy the holiday.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #15

  6. You are so busy with all your different projects - I hope you manage to get the mechanism working again!
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  7. My word you are busy - how do you manage to flit between projects and end up with any one thing finished? I'm terrible at mutiple WIPs! The view from the caravan is enough to calm and soothe for sure, hope despite the rush for the bunting, that your holiday left you relaxed and ready..!

  8. Lovely projects. 'Cheers'

  9. Hi Chris, love to see how the clock ends up. We bought an absolute basket case victorian wall clock and managed to get it working okay except the chime goes a bit crazy now and then.
    Have a good week and good luck with the clock, Angela x 38

  10. Gosh Chris I'm exhausted after reading about your busy life. Love that baby jacket, the mice are so sweet, bet your puss hasn't seen them!
    Rosie is so sweet, they always seem to find strange places to sleep.
    Hope you get your bunting finshed
    Chris #6

  11. Apologies if I'm repeating myself but Blogger seems to have had a hissy fit when I tried to post before!!!

    Like others before me I'm exhausted just reading about and seeing the projects you are currently working on. I hope you made the best of that holiday and relaxed some before coming home. That view is to die for. Oh, and isn't your cat the funniest ... what a place to choose to sleep, though she does look completely out of it :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #33

  12. You have so many projects going on, wow! (That little mouse cardi is adorable!) I'm with you on the clock, give it a little tlc and see if it helps, that sounds like a good plan!

    returning to the WOYWW fold
    #62 this week

  13. What a lot you have been doing this past couple of week... Gorgeous little cardigan - cute cat - amazing hexagon quilt being made there (just wish I had the patience for something like that) - Lovely colours of bunting. What a great idea - the children will love drawing on those little pennants. Still working hard on the clock - it will look beautiful when finished. And as for that scarf - it looks so complex, but you reckon it is quick and easy!
    Have a great and busy week ahead.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #10

  14. Lots going on .. I hope you get the clock working soon.
    The cat asleep!!!!! :)
    Love the quilt your making for dd2'
    Jackie 19

  15. Hi Chris, That water view is just gorgeous! A great place to relax, I imagine!
    Love the cardi with mice! BTW, if you can knit with two needles you can certainly knit with four. I too, am working my way to knitting socks. Have the wool, but that's about it, so far :)
    Thanks for dropping by earlier! I do appreciate it.

  16. Wow Chris, you are SUCH a busy girl!!! That sweater is so precious and I LOVE the pattern on the scarf you're working on. It's going to be stunning when it's finished!! The picture of Rosie is awesome!! I'm glad you woke her up though! It's amazing that cats can sleep just about anywhere!! Haha!

    Happy WOYWW
    Amy E. #7

  17. Yes Chris..busy busy..Oh what a silly cat..what a place to sleep. I saw lots of pics on internet of silly places cats sleep a while back. Greatr projects on the go.
    Judy x

  18. You have been busy. I love the little cardi, scarf and quilt.

    Had to smile at your cat sleeping like that and you having to wake it:)

    The clock looks very interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 25

  19. I love the cat asleep on the cabinet - they find the oddest places and don't seem concerned about balancing either! The little white baby coat is just adorable and I love the mohair scarf - I love knitting in mohair, it's so soft and luxurious! Many thanks for stopping by my desk, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #36

  20. Love the pic of Rosie & that adorable little cardi! And the lovely view slightly hidden by the huge glass of wine (snigger)
    Happy woyww & thanks for your visit
    Debs #26

  21. WOW awesome post! Love that clock and I am clueless as to what to do to fix the innards. I wonder if you could 'fake' it and get and battery operated hands set up to make it run. I did that with an old mantel clock a few years back and it is still running I am told. Thanks for visiting my desk last week. Just got home from the war and posted some more pictures if you are interested. Vickie #75