Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Betty's Birthday Bash

This post will probably only interest family and friends - but everyone is welcome here!

We went away HERE to celebrate Mum's 90th birthday, which was last month. It was the most lovely weekend, blessed with wonderful weather, good food and company, and the luxury of time, relaxing with each other. 'We' consisted of Mum, her four children and spouses, seven grandchildren (with another for the Saturday) and Doris, her brother's widow.

There are lots of photo's on the website (link above) showing how beautiful House of the Open Door is, but I've pinched a few to show you here -

The grounds stretch for acres, all around

and the converted farm yard houses a big fish pond, and beautiful flower beds, with lots of deliciously scented roses and other plants. I just love Cotswold stone.

A lot of reminiscing over old photo's that I'd made up into eight albums for Mum's pressie

and the weather was just perfect for sitting around and chatting in the lovely garden.

Grandson David (L)

Richard, with his partner, Val

My husband, Kelvin, on the left

We seemed to spend lots of time eating lovely meals.

Me, with sister, Angela

Grandma and Doris, with all the granddaughters, behind

Mum with me and my girlies, Jenny (L) and Kate (R)

My brother, Richard, and his son David (R) with his partner, Trevor

My two girlies with cousins Katherine (L) and Anna (R)

Mum, with Richard and me behind, with Angela and Mike beside her.

I'm so thankful that Mum was well enough to go, and enjoy the weekend, after a rocky week before, healthwise, and that it all went so beautifully. Thank you, Lord.

Chris xx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


You might notice that the Christmas countdown has gone from the top of my page - too much pressure, seeing my life tick away like that!! I'm learning to chill (DD1's fave word!) and just to appreciate each day, and what it brings.

Mum's had several mini strokes which, of themselves, have not been too bad, but she's getting confused and practical things are just more difficult for her than previously. Thankfully, she's in good spirits (a real woman of faith) and that helps keep her going. I'm so glad she's with me for times when she needs lots of help and reassurance. We have a family weekend planned to celebrate her 90th, going away this Friday, so I'm praying that she'll stay strong enough for that, a chance for her four children and families to get together.

On the crafting front, the socks are finished, so that's another pressie ticked off, and I'm back to the hexie quilt for DD1.

There are now 20 (of 30) 'flowers' made, and I'm linking them with white. That will form the flat bit on the bed. The sides will be a strip (or strips) of fabric machined on, rather than hand sewn like the top, as I might well have lost the will to live by that stage!!

I'm happy with the way it's evolving, and it's a good WIP to have on the go, as I sit with Mum. 

I hope I'll get to visit everyone on the WOYWW link over the next day or two. If you don't know about this, click the button on my side bar and come over to join in the fun at Julia's.

Have a great week.

Blessings, Chris xx

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WOYWW - One Down, One to Go - Twice!

I finished the first bookcase today. Before, it looked rather tired and sad -

So I started with a coat of white primer, then two coats of satin coat (decided a colour would be too much)

Then, like the wall unit I revamped last year

I wallpapered the back (looks patchy cos not dry yet)

Then I used the sticky-back plastic to cover the shelves.

I'm now a happy flutterby, and looking forward to tackling this one's sister.

On the sock front, I've turned the heel of the second one

and I'm pleased to say it's growing more quickly than the first. 

Whoops! Hope you didn't notice the clock in that pic, still waiting some more TLC! Maybe next week LOL! That's one of the prob's of having a flutterby nature.

Hope your week is going well, and I'll see you over at Julia's for a virtual cuppa. Don't know what I'm on about? Click on the WOYWW button on my side-bar to join in the fun and take a sneaky peek at crafting all over the world, today.

Hugs, Chris xx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Writing this just before bedtime, Tuesday night.

Ta - dah! But don't look too closely, cough, cough ...

I've just this minute finished my first ever sock with my first attempt at using dpns, and I'm a happy, not-so-little flutterby. Yes, I know I had two extra stitches at the toe, and somehow I'd knitted it inside out (according to the pattern) but apart from that ...

I now just hope the other one will be identical! I'll cast it on tomorrow once the tension (get it?!) has dispersed.

I got to the unusual position of finishing all the ironing this morning so, after lunch, I started to tackle a project I've been dreaming of over the summer break (waiting for DH to return to work before I started! Haha!!)

This book case (and its twin) have been bugging me because they look so sad, and I fancied giving them the CK treatment.

I've put a first coat of white primer on the outside

then I broke into a couple of rolls of sticky back plastic I rescued from Lidl a couple of months ago, and lined the shelves. For once, I read the instructions and was pleased I'd done what I was told, and sprayed the shelves with a little water first (made the plastic much more move-aboutable). I would never have thought to do that.

I'm not sure what colour paint to use - better sleep on that one.

Night, night, all - I'll try to visit as many WOYWW desks as I can, by the weekend. I managed to get round all, last week. You're such an inspiring bunch - thanks in advance for sharing your goodies. Don't know what I'm on about? Just click here, and you'll be amazed at what you find.

Hugs, Chris xx

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunny Weekend

It's been lovely here the past couple of days - a last taste of summer? I hope it stays.

Rosie has been finding interesting places to perch! She was sound asleep when I took these yesterday morning and then the afternoon and, although looking incredibly uncomfortable, she was quite safe, so I just left her there.

This morning was glorious and warm, and there was no church service today, so DH and I took Mum for a trip around the park, with a cuppa in the cafe on the way round.

I'm so grateful I live in such a beautiful city - it's just too easy to take it for granted. The River Severn runs along the far end of the park. I sometimes sit and watch the narrow boats, and there's a heron that patrols this stretch, too.

Mum enjoyed her outing although her expression might say otherwise.

It's funny how tastes change - informal beds like these would have been unheard of in the past - everything was very formal and labour-intensive when I brought the girls here as children. I love these, though.

This is much more traditional. You can just see the spray of the splash pool for the kids to play in. When the girls were small, it was a regular paddling pool. This is much more practical to keep, and safer.

Some things don't change, though - this huge weeping willow, the bandstand and bridge are still a popular background for wedding pics from nearby churches.

I hope you've enjoyed the virtual tour. Hope your weekend is proving as lovely.

Chris xx

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I'm frustrated that I've not managed much blog time (and certainly not WOYWW) for ages, so here goes.

We're living in the aftermath of Mum's 90th last week (previous post) but things are getting back to normal, especially now that DH has returned to the new term now. It's lovely to have him home, but it's good to get on with things.

So, today I set to work on the old garden tool shed, giving it a coat of paint. If the weather holds, tomorrow it will have a second coat, and I plan to make some bright curtains, too.


After one coat
Indoors, I've started to knit my first pair of socks and, after a rocky start, I now love doing them. This pair is for DD2, for Christmas.

I've used Zig Zag sock yarn (4 ply) which is very reasonable, compared to others, at £4.something per 100g, and I should get this pair of slouch socks from one ball. 

I did start this lacy pair but found learning to knit on 4dpns as well as the pattern, just too complicated. Also, since the yarn knits up in stripes, the lace didn't show up. I might try these ones later, in a plain colour where the lace would be more visible.

I finished the ten strips of bunting in time, for friends to take to Uganda, to do fabric painting on, with children in the orphanage our church supports.

These are some of the kids and a few of the team, when they arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, I'd better sign off for now and get to bed, and just encourage you to pop over here to Julia's, to see what WOYWW is all about, and see what other crafting has been going on. I'll try to visit as many folks there as I can, by the weekend.

Have a great week, Chris xx