Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Betty's Birthday Bash

This post will probably only interest family and friends - but everyone is welcome here!

We went away HERE to celebrate Mum's 90th birthday, which was last month. It was the most lovely weekend, blessed with wonderful weather, good food and company, and the luxury of time, relaxing with each other. 'We' consisted of Mum, her four children and spouses, seven grandchildren (with another for the Saturday) and Doris, her brother's widow.

There are lots of photo's on the website (link above) showing how beautiful House of the Open Door is, but I've pinched a few to show you here -

The grounds stretch for acres, all around

and the converted farm yard houses a big fish pond, and beautiful flower beds, with lots of deliciously scented roses and other plants. I just love Cotswold stone.

A lot of reminiscing over old photo's that I'd made up into eight albums for Mum's pressie

and the weather was just perfect for sitting around and chatting in the lovely garden.

Grandson David (L)

Richard, with his partner, Val

My husband, Kelvin, on the left

We seemed to spend lots of time eating lovely meals.

Me, with sister, Angela

Grandma and Doris, with all the granddaughters, behind

Mum with me and my girlies, Jenny (L) and Kate (R)

My brother, Richard, and his son David (R) with his partner, Trevor

My two girlies with cousins Katherine (L) and Anna (R)

Mum, with Richard and me behind, with Angela and Mike beside her.

I'm so thankful that Mum was well enough to go, and enjoy the weekend, after a rocky week before, healthwise, and that it all went so beautifully. Thank you, Lord.

Chris xx

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