Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunny Weekend

It's been lovely here the past couple of days - a last taste of summer? I hope it stays.

Rosie has been finding interesting places to perch! She was sound asleep when I took these yesterday morning and then the afternoon and, although looking incredibly uncomfortable, she was quite safe, so I just left her there.

This morning was glorious and warm, and there was no church service today, so DH and I took Mum for a trip around the park, with a cuppa in the cafe on the way round.

I'm so grateful I live in such a beautiful city - it's just too easy to take it for granted. The River Severn runs along the far end of the park. I sometimes sit and watch the narrow boats, and there's a heron that patrols this stretch, too.

Mum enjoyed her outing although her expression might say otherwise.

It's funny how tastes change - informal beds like these would have been unheard of in the past - everything was very formal and labour-intensive when I brought the girls here as children. I love these, though.

This is much more traditional. You can just see the spray of the splash pool for the kids to play in. When the girls were small, it was a regular paddling pool. This is much more practical to keep, and safer.

Some things don't change, though - this huge weeping willow, the bandstand and bridge are still a popular background for wedding pics from nearby churches.

I hope you've enjoyed the virtual tour. Hope your weekend is proving as lovely.

Chris xx

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