Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WOYWW A day in the life of ...

I love to have him home for the half term holiday - after all, he's offered to clean my car tomorrow, and I'm sure it wasn't because of this (cough!)

'What's this been used for?'

'I've just washed my car'

'Great, but next time, could you use something from the rag bag in the pantry, rather than one of my new tea towels, please?' (Very restrained, I thought, in the circ's!)

'Oh, but you've got loads of others'


On a happier note, I finished this yesterday

This pic shows almost the true colour

More anaemic than the actual doily

I based it on this beauty by Angela Armstrong that I found on Pinterest, with a few extra rounds as I wanted it bigger.

Mum's now got it, after a not-so-subtle 'One in that colour would really go in my room!' I'll make another for the dining table, perhaps in a softer pink, better suited to the Cath K theme.

Meantime, Rosie still chooses strange nests - why would she lie on a tissue box rather than her own cushion, right next to it?!

and sofa crafting continues, with the hexie quilt growing nicely.

I hope to catch up with all you lovelies, at Julia's for a virtual cuppa, over the next couple of days. If you don't know WOYWW, click here for a wonderful, whistle-stop crafty world tour.

Hugs for now, Chris xx

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WOYWW Odds and Ends

Hi - before I move on, a few folks have asked about Rosie. Yes, she has been fast asleep in all the pics I've shown of her - well, comatose might be more accurate! These are a couple of her winter weather perches the past couple of days, and yes, she's again soundly asleep in both!

Don't worry, I did disinfect here once she'd moved on!

And the latest precarious bed is in Mum's shower room. At least not too far to fall. It's pointless waking her unless it's really dangerous, as she just goes back!

All the knitting of the past few weeks is now finished

Six brooches passed on to the British Legion, for sale on Remembrance Day
And the socks for DD1 - they look a strange shape from this angle, but are fine really!

And now somewhere you rarely see, as I haven't been able to spend much time here at all, for ever. I occasionally snatch 15 minutes, but that's it, as I feel bad not spending time with Mum, downstairs. It's like a war zone because I've been searching for the right materials for three smash books. My girls will be spending New Year in Barcelona, with their Dad and Step Mum, for his birthday, and I thought I'd make the girls and Cindy a travel smash book each, to put together while they're away, and they'll have a gel pen, washi tape and glue stick each, that they can swap.

The front cover of the first book - just need letters to add a title.

The very bare and incomplete inside
This is all a steep learning curve, as I've never tried one of these before. I'll post again when it/they are finished.

The other art work I'm trying for the first time is Bible Art Journalling, and this was my first attempt, this week.

This was quite scary, as I don't have very steady handwriting, and the blank page was very daunting! I'm hoping to learn to relax and enjoy it. This verse has been popping into my head for the past couple of weeks, and has always been a favourite. It has just struck me that the promise is for a straight path, not necessarily a flat one - something most of us can attest to. Mine often feels more like a roller coaster!!

Sitting with Mum, I've got stuck back in to putting hexies together, for DD1's Christmas pressie bed quilt. It's growing, but slowly.

At the moment, I'm still putting white borders around the colours, and will show you when they're put together.

In  the meantime, I hope to visit as many desks as I can before the weekend. Thanks to everyone who pops over here, especially for all the lovely comments and encouragement. WOYWW?? Clicking the button on my side bar will transport you over to the lovely Julia, who coordinates a weekly visit to wonderful crafting desks all over the globe.

Have a happy WOYWW, lovelies, and a great week.  Hugs xx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


It's all knitting this week.

I'm on the second sock of a pair for DD1's Christmas pressie, and have to admit I prefer working on dpns, rather than like this, on two pins, because of all the sewing up involved.

The yarn is lovely, though - really soft, and a more delicate colour combo than that picture shows.

The other WIP are poppy brooches, ready for sale to help the British Legion, on Remembrance Day. This year sees the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gheluvelt where 187 of 380 brave, young local men lost their lives.


Our lovely, local park commemorates that battle.

That's it for now, cos I need to get cracking with Mum's tea. I'll see you over at Julia's, over the next few days. Not familiar with WOYWW? Click the button on my side bar to pop over and join the fun.

Have a lovely week. Blessings, Chris xx

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WOYWW Short and Sweet

A quick post today, as crafting is limited to what I can do sitting on the sofa, spending most of the day keeping Mum company.

The baby blanket is almost finished.

I'm just adding the border. I will make a little green and white teddy bear to go with it but, since the baby isn't due til the Spring, that can wait til after Christmas.

My flutterby, short attention span means I have to have more than one WIP on the go, so I'm going to knit another pair of socks as a pressie, for DD1, along with her quilt. I need to get cracking with this, which is growing, but slowly.

Meantime, now the weather has finally turned, Rosie is spending more of the day indoors. She's still choosing seemingly uncomfortable, precarious places to sleep - but at least she doesn't have as far to fall as outside, on the pergola or log pile!

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Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Chris xx

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


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My second post in two days, the first being all about our weekend away.

I couldn't take my current WIP at the weekend, as it's a Christmas present, and the recipient would have seen it, so I started a baby blanket for my next door neighbour. All babies are special, but this one will be extra-precious, long awaited after IVF treatment.

Each stripe consists of three double crochets in each space, then a row of single crochet, twice. I'll finish it off with a border of green.

It doesn't seem possible that it's now October, but the weather is still glorious, so I've tried to get out in the garden a bit, ready for Autumn. Yesterday, I brought in the pelargoniums, in case there's a sneaky frost. I'll take cuttings of them later, for more plants next year.

I hope to visit as many WOYWW desks as possible, over the next couple of days, so see you at Julia's for a virtual cuppa.

Have a lovely week,

Chris xx