Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WOYWW Birthdays All Round

Our godson, Reuben, was three last Thursday, and I went round to help prepare for the Narnia party. What a wonderful theme - his Mum had decked out the church hall with a snow scene, complete with lots of Christmas trees, and guests entered the room through a rack of coats. The food was a la Mrs Beaver - jam sandwiches, and snowy food, like marshmallow snowballs,  and the pass the parcel was wrapped in brown paper and string, just like Mr Tumnus's one. How imaginative was that?!

The reason she goes to so much trouble is that Roo shares the party with big sis Maisie (5 the day after) and Eden, who was 1 on Sunday - how's that for planning?!

I didn't make anything for Roo this time, but I'd made Eden 

a cuddly bunny 

and Maisie, a snowman brooch 

which she promptly put on her school hat.

Back at home, the Christmas crafting continues apace, with Mum's hat finished,

me wearing my sexy new socks (yes, I know one ended up 2" longer - don't ask me how! After Christmas I'll knit another pair to match)

Don't panic, I did have other clothes on, but just getting ready for my  bath!!

And this afternoon, I made a birthday brooch for friend Joyce, 87 next week.

Please excuse the strange lighting effects, compliments of energy saving bulbs and my cheap camera 

 I carried on working on the sofa, with the holly brooches, where some things never change -

"What do you mean, you don't need my help?!"

Hope you're having a good week, and not getting too festive-frazzled. If you need a break, make a cuppa and pop over to visit Julia and all the lovely WOYWW crafty places this week (just click the button on my side-bar)

Sorry this was such a lengthy post, but I hope you'll forgive me.

Hugs and blessings, and I hope to visit all the WOYWW'ers over the next day or so.

 Chris xx


  1. Love your kitty in the box. Mine is asleep on my shoes...will have to wear something else to work today! Love all your knitted items too. #3

  2. ah great post Chris am doing quick jump around but love the brooches you make .. and a Narnian party too right up my alley that!! Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #12 I think

  3. Sounds like the most fun party ever! Your finished gifts and knitted items look great, bet those socks are cosy. Helen 6

  4. Wow what a lovely theme for a party and to include all three children's birthdays in one go! Your knitting is great and I especially like the snowman brooch!
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B 15

  5. What an amazing party that must have been. How exciting for the children to walk through those coats and into the snowy scene. I love that your granddaughter put her brooch on her hat. So cute.

    Fiona #4

  6. Hey looks like an awesome party, love the Snowman brooch. I LOL at your socks - last week I bought a similar pair, but hubby said they make my feet look like dogs feet?! Cx #19

  7. That is the best entrance i have seen, so creative she is
    Bridget #1

  8. That's a great idea for a party. I love the rack of coats in the doorway!
    You've been so busy - plenty of lovely makes to show us. The snowman brooch went down well too.
    So nice to see what you've been doing, I'm still busy with embroidered books. Other plans up my sleeve for when I've finished...

  9. Wow I am very impressed re the party theme and ideas - how imaginative. Kitty in a basket made me smile. Love the brooches. Anne x @32

  10. What a fantastic idea for a party!! I adore the thought of that doorway being turned into the wardrobe. Absolutely brilliant and the hall inside looked fantastic too! There are some very clever people out there :-)
    Love all your hand knitted items this week, my favourite was the snowman brooch :-). Your socks are fun have very even tension in your knitting!
    hugs! LLJ 25 xx

  11. I'm having a quick catch up while the munchkins play with the Lego.
    What an amazing party cleverly done too. You've been a busy crafter too....hope this week is just as productive.
    Annie x. #23

  12. wow great party! What a good idea!! Thanks for sharing,
    Happy WOYWW Ginny #43

  13. Wow, she went to great lengths to stage a party like that! Love the idea with the coats! I used to be enthusiastic about my son's parties at that age, but now I just want to do something quick, simple, stress-free and cheap, LOL! Cute little creations for the kids. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #41

  14. Gosh a party for three - lots of work - what a great Mum to do all that - and I love the way she dressed the entrance to the hall, very clever! Your little brooches are so good, bet your friend will be thrilled. I'm amazed at how prolific you are with teh knitting - I suggest that the socks are uneven because frankly, you're switching between projects so often it must be difficult to remember where you are with what!!

  15. The Narnia party idea was great and the execution of it was fabulous!! My compliments to Reuben's Mom. :) All of your creations look wonderful. Why worry about the socks? They never stay up where they should anyway, do they? {LOL} The proof that your snowman brooch is loved is its prompt placement on Maisie's school hat. Thanks for sharing your creations and that great party! Nann #49

  16. Wow, what a fabulous party it must have been - and a very clever idea! I love the little brooch you made - it's so cute.
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #50

  17. I love the Chronicles of Narnia, so that very creative birthday party sounds like a lot of fun to me. I love all the sweet gifts you've been working on, especially the cuddly bunny. Blessings!

  18. that is such an imaginative cool party :) I love your mama's hat and the ending shot of your kitty made me think of those shipping parcel boxes... if it fits it ships (with a cat trying to push the lid closed on another cat that had crawled into the box) it just made me laugh because, it looks like there is stuff's in the basket your's crawled into on top of and it has to be uncomfortable kwim. hee hee.. ~Stacy #58

  19. What a great idea to have a Narnia party. Most children will know that (and details like Mr Tumnus). Didn't she do well, entering through the wardrobe...
    I love your mum's hat, the cuddly bunny and the brooch. Well done you doing all that (in spite of the 'help' from pusskins)
    Thanks for visiting me earlier,
    Have a great week,

  20. Oh wow, three parties in one... so I guess it is ok to go all out and then you don't have to do it again for another year? LOL Loving all your gifts and projects and you made me laugh with the socks of different lengths... sort of thing I would do! Happy WOYWW to you, Annette #26

  21. What great projects you have made! The slippers look comfy, even if uneven! And the broach is a wonderful gift for someone 87. I hadn't heard of a Narnia theme for a birthday party before. But I am way out of the loop on kids parties! LOL Happy WOYWW! #57

  22. OOOH! I wish I had thought of a party makeover like that when my children were small ..... how clever! Love that snowman brooch!

    Bishopsmate #65

  23. Hi neighbor,
    I love a good party!

  24. What a fab idea for a party and how clever to make everyone walk in through the coats. Your socks look so warm and cosy and I love the snowman brooch, so cute.

    Hope you have a productive week
    KraftyKaren #63

  25. Hi Chris, What a super idea for a party, I might even pass it on to my daughter for grandson no 3. Seems as if it was a great success.
    thos socks look so comfy, maybe I will treat myself to knitting some after Christmas, when i have finsihed kniotting Christmas presents.
    Thanks for dropping by my page, I am feeling much better than I was thank you, and I still haven't finshed the tidying.
    Chris #27

  26. Wonderful post, fabulous party and I love the knitting, especially the socks! Have a great week.

    Karon #48
    Karon's Krafty Korner

  27. That hall looks fantastic and three all around the same time now that is something. I love the things you made, they are so cute and the socks look really warm.
    Have a great week,
    Von #17

  28. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting! Happy WOYWW. What a great idea for a party, I love it!
    Thank you, yes it is good to be feeling better, but I am not 100%. I washed the kitchen floor today and it really took it out of me, and when I went to Slimming World I didn't feel good at all (mind you that might be because the consultant said I didn't sound well - pyschological!).
    I love your cute bunny, and that little house is so sweet, the knitting is coming along well.
    Cazzy x #42

  29. What a totally brilliant idea, to have a Narnia party! I love the idea of coming in through the coats. Magical! Poor Rosie looks quite put out this week! Kitties really do love to help, don't they.

    Thanks for your visit and your nice comment. Having done some planning for the final pages tonight, I am fairly confident I can finish the project in time! So far I am keeping pretty well.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #33

  30. Happy WOYWW and Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for dropping by! How wonderful to go to a party thru a rack of coats! I love the little house brooch you made, and cat pictures are always delightful!
    peggy aplSEEDS@13

  31. I love your socks! And what a great party idea. I love the coats in the doorway - fab detail. Aren't handknit socks just so much warmer than store bought cotton ones? Love mine but they are basic black. I have a stripey pair on needles - or 2nd sock is anyway, first is done. Wish I had learned how to do two at once before I started them :)
    Late again - darn that Blogger!

    Happy happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (16)

  32. What a fab idea for the birthday party. Lovely makes for the kids.

    What a beautiful cat you have.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #39

  33. Lots and lots going onthis week - love the Narnia themed party -looks awesome! Christmas tree instruction links have been added to my WOYWW post. Have a good week, Cindy x #49

  34. Wow - how busy are you this week then !! Great knitting projects ! Thanks for visiting Ali #22

  35. What a great birthday party - and great to have them all celebrated at the same time. I imagine as they get older that won't fly but it's lovely now.

    All of your projects came out great. The snowman brooch is so cute, I can understand why she put it on her hat as fast as she did! The stuffed animal is cute too. Love your mum's hat and good for you for knitting socks. I still haven't tried but really want to. Small needles might be good for me to work with.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (21)

  36. Wow! You have been busy! All your projects are awesome, especially the snowman brooch for the little girl! The Narnia Party sounds like so much fun! Great creativity in your family! Thanks for visiting, Lindart #59

  37. A Narnia party!! You are the best Grandma EVER!!! I'll bet they always remember that birthday. Keep smiling and creating. thanks for popping by

  38. Thanks for the visit Chris, I much appreciate it, you have obviously been very busy. You think you're late, I'm not sure I will ever catch up this week, our connection was down on Wednesday and I just got so behind.
    Have a lovely weekend and happy crafting, Angela x

  39. Kitty in a box... gotta love it! Universal for all kitties obviously.
    Beth P

  40. Ah, kitty helpers are just the best. :-) And I LOVE the idea of a Narnia party, how fun!

    Sorry I'm late with my visits this week. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Belated Woyww,

    Sandy #33

  41. Oh how wonderful I want a Narnia party with lots of jelly and ice-cream. Thank you for visiting my blog I'm just getting around to catching up with everyone. Everyone needs a cat to help them :) Anita #46

  42. Look at all those sweet blond babies. So precious. And the cat cracks me up sitting lying in the basket. They are so funny that way. Good for you getting a jump on Christmas. Love those socks! Nobody but you will know if they're not exactly even. ;)

  43. Love the idea of a Narnia party.
    Thanks for visitng my desk already, sorry I am late with my revisits this week


  44. I love all your crafty bits and bobs! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - sorry its a late call this week - Blogger keeps refusing to load for me! I am feeling much better and have even managed some sewing!! x Jo

  45. Great socks, but the snowman brooch is my favourite!
    Thanks for your visit
    Debs 29

  46. Thanks for your visit to my desk last week. I'm way late with my woyww-visits (due to the 'open atelier' deadline and all...) but at least I made it here before the next Wednesday ;) I giggled about the socks being different length... and I actually like the idea! Maybe you just started a new fashion-hit! Hug from Holland, Marit #38