Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Year in One Post

A quick recap of the past year - Mum (92) has become increasingly frail over the year, following a serious illness last summer. Although she rallied, and can feed herself and walk with a frame, I have to do everything else for her now. It's been a steep learning curve for both of us, but she copes with the indignities very well. One HUGE upside to being housebound for much of the time is that I get lots of crafting time, for things that can be picked up/put down quickly - so, knitting, crochet, even dolls house making (my latest obsession) help tremendously.

One sad event of last year was that we lost our cat, Rosie, last Spring. She was 18, her whole body started to fail, and it took DH and I a long time to adjust to losing her. However ... last August we bit the bullet and found two new friends, via the Dogs Trust. Meet Cleo (10yrs) ...

and Basil, aged 6

They've apparently always been together, and seem like they've always been here.

That's enough of the personal stuff. I'll do a crafty catch up in a THIRD post of the day, for WOYWW - talk about one extreme to another!!!

Bye for now, Chris xx

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