Sunday, 5 June 2016

Eric's Update

Hi - there's not a lot been happening, this past week, while KP has been on school holiday. Chris has been far too busy to help two homeless gnomes, so Bernard and I have soldiered on alone, as best we could.

Once the window frames were in place, the tree trunk got several coats of paint (this was the first, dark brown one). Chris looked in and said it wasn't quite right - cheek! But she made up for her rudeness by saying she'll lend a hand once the boss is back at work this week.

Without her assistance we went ahead and mixed the egg box pulp and laid a green moss upstairs floor.

It's not as smooth as we'd have liked, but hey - we're only little guys.

We've had a very nutty weekend, with KP and Chris donating their coconut ice cream shells to the cause - Bernard wants a boat but I think we should stick with the basics, and have a bath tub - maybe we'll decide on both.

Chris's friend Dot came up trumps and brought round a few hazelnut shell halves, which will give us a hanging basket and a couple of bowls for the kitchen. It's quite tough, being eco friendly, relying totally on stuff that would otherwise would be recycled. Everything takes a lot longer 

and we can't use things like this beauties, tiny mushrooms that Dot donated. They will probably be allowed for Fern's mushroom house, when we get round to that.

Bernard and I also plastered the downstairs ceiling, and will paint it tomorrow, and start installing the glazed window frames. Chris will trial the toothpaste tube hinges she's been playing with. If they're successful, she's promised me a big trunk to keep my clothes in.

Anyway, today (being Sunday) is a day of well-earned rest for B and me, so I'll get back to chilling, and let you know later in the week how things are going.

Love for now, Eric xx


  1. Hi Eric, Glad you and Bernard are good at DIY. Looking forward to seeing your home as it progresses.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue

    1. Thanks, Sue. Gnome blessings to you, too. Eric xx